In wake of small news of the sequel.

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I just wanted to know, everyone that got the chance to play Conviction, did you really not enjoy the game because it wasn't like the originals, or was there another reason? Or did you love it? For me personally, when I first had popped it in the 360 when it came out, I was somewhat disappointed in it at the very first, and all I kept thinking was "Well, it's a great shooter, but why is it a shooter?" And then later on, till this day, I absolutely love the way Conviction plays (aside from the Coste mission), and while I wouldn't despise it going back to the way the older games played, 'cause those were great, I wouldn't really hope for it to go back.

Conviction ended up being one of my favorite games in 2010, and it's one of those games I'll go back to playing again and again without hesitation. There are problems with it, but improving on what made Conviction great, and the stuff that held it slightly back, is the next step into making one of my favorite games ever made. I hope going into the sequel, the game's longer, it gets rid of the way the story is told (I'm sick of characters being interrogated and telling a story along the way), and hopefully the game's told more inside the game play, kind of like Dead Space, rather than pre-rendered cut-scenes to break up moments. Well, maybe not like Dead Space since Sam or some other character-to-be globe trots, but I don't like the pre-rendered cut-scene approach. I don't dislike the story at all, just the way its told since it kind of makes it slightly less interesting to pay attention to.

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Too dumbed down and short. Enjoyable enough but like MGS4 it felt like playing it as a shooter was far too viable.

I thought it played well, even if the problems above were present.

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Really enjoyed Conviction. I'll go back to it every once in a while and mess with the challenge room stuff.

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Played two Splinter Cell games for a little bit before and after Conviction and I thought Conviction was great while the others were kinda boring.

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It was different but not in a bad way like Double Agent on the 360. I liked it, quite a lot. What about the future? Well stealth games have come a long way since; at this point I'm open to anything as long as stealth is part of the package (I'm talking ghosting an entire level without so much as a trace of your presence). I loved the trial and error aspect of SC 1 and 2 but that just isn't going to play (or sell) these days.

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Man, I don't want them to hurry (as in make it crap), but I can't wait to see some footage of the sequel. I hope its like Conviction, just... better where it needs to be (as every sequel/prequel should be).

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@NTM: I'd like them to merge both. I loved the fluidity of the combat, and the addition of CQC and the whole mark and take down thing, but its not a splintercell game anymore. I liked hiding in shadows, not being seen and not killing or even touching ~anyone~. I miss having to hide bodies and worry about alarms. Conviction was fun, but not as intense or rewarding as its earlier entries.

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@Junkerman: One of the first things I noticed in Conviction was the fact I couldn't move bodies into shadows which disappointed me. I got over that, but I wouldn't say no to that if it returned. I guess I can agree, but if they don't put it in, I won't complain. I don't think the earlier ones were that rewarding because they were complicated; you just have to get into the correct mindset to play those games, just like any other game. They were as easy a stealth game as Call of Duty is a shooter. I think Conviction is more intense for the most part, though it being as easy as it can be doesn't really help it. I think the earlier Splinter Cells were a bit tenser since you really had to make sure you weren't being caught, which is the preferred way to play. The only thing I don't really care for with the shadow hiding in Conviction is the way the screen goes black and white; it's to some extent a hindrance, but not too much.

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To me Conviction is a good example of successful streamlining. I found it a really fun game, and that may be because I generally suck at stealth.

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The question is, will it have night vision goggles?

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I really enjoy it, but for completely different reasons than why I loved the old games. I liked the CQC/fluid combat/mark+takedown stuff in it, but it's definitely a different experience than the old games. I think the stealth genre did need a semi-major overhaul as the gameplay in the older ones is only fun when everything is going perfect. I do want to see someone else's take on a modernized stealth game though, as Conviction was definitely more action-y than stealth-y in a lot of the campaign.

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I really enjoyed it as well. It's not a perfect game, but it,s still pretty great.

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I enjoyed it as well although it was too short imo.

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I thought Conviction was pretty great. The campaign on realistic is challenging and fun, and the hunter mode, especially in co-op, extended the length of the pretty short campaign.

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It was alright, wasn't like the older splinter cells but not a terrible game. What I hated was that I beat the game like two times on the hardest difficulty and the achievement never unlocked for me.

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I thought it was great. Doesn't compare to the first two games in terms of stealth, but it was(and still is) a damn fun game to play.

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@Sooty said:

Too dumbed down and short. Enjoyable enough but like MGS4 it felt like playing it as a shooter was far too viable.

At least MGS 4 did not betray it's roots completely. It was more "shootery" then all the other ones but a revamp (get my pun) to the combat system was necessary. There was still great deal of stealth and a great deal of player skill in regards to the stealth. In Convictions the stealth was gutted to an almost laughable level.

To me MGS 4 felt like a natural progression of MGS 3. it expanded on gameplay elements from it while fixing and removing the more complex and annoying ones.

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I really enjoyed double agent, i'd like another like it.

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I thought Conviction was fine. It told its story competently and the gameplay accomplished what it set out to do.

I can't, however, say I liked any Splinter Cell game until it includes a multiplayer mode that is deserving of comparison to Chaos Theory's. Why we haven't been given another game like that is completely baffling to me. Go ahead and make a single player campaign where Sam Fisher has to shop for groceries and new slacks for 17 hours, as long as it includes the old 2v2 Spies vs Mercs multiplayer and some recreation of the Aquarius map I will buy it and give it 5/5 on every web site that will allow me to.

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I loved SC Conviction, but it was a really poor stealth game(Who am I kidding, it was a terrible stealth game). 
I would appreciate stealth being viable in every level and gadgets and levels that allow for methodical stealth. I can dream but there is really no chance of that happening.
 The presentation of the story and important information in Conviction is one of my favorite parts of it though, it is incredibly slick. I do hope they carry on with that.

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I really enjoyed Conviction (and I love every other Splinter Cell game - expect Double Agent perhaps), for the next game I would like them to keep the pace of the movement, but with a larger focus on stealth and remaining undetected - also less shooting fools and more face-and-or-neck stabbing / breaking.

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@Resident4t said:

I loved SC Conviction, but it was a really poor stealth game(Who am I kidding, it was a terrible stealth game). I would appreciate stealth being viable in every level and gadgets and levels that allow for methodical stealth. I can dream but there is really no chance of that happening. The presentation of the story and important information in Conviction is one of my favorite parts of it though, it is incredibly slick. I do hope they carry on with that.

But don't people who know the SC games come into it expecting stealth to be a major gameplay feature. To me it all reeked from the " We want to bring new people in so have to get rid of this feature many players find obtrusive" smell. I wonder just how many unites were bought by veteran SC gamers as apposed to new ones.

Another thing that I completely HATED was the color de- saturation thing seeing how you would spend 99% of the time hiding in shadows. What's so wrong with a visibly gem?

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It was a fun game and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't a Splinter Cell game. That might sound hyperbolic, but it missed all of the depth most Splinter Cell games had. I remember in old Splinter Cell games going through missions playing non lethally because that was rewarding and the game encouraged/rewarded players for playing that way. There were reasons not to simply stab a dude or shoot a dude in the head and the stealth was incredibly deep compared to any game of it's kind. Hell, the ammo was so scarce that on some of those difficulties having a clip for your pistol was a grand breath of fresh air.

Conviction was fun and I enjoyed it, but it was such a shit Splinter Cell game. Suddenly they gave you sonar goggles that let you see through walls, basically nullifying any difficulty in stealth. They got rid of non lethal anything and instead you had a pistol with infinite ammo that comically took the place of your melee kills with you shooting dudes in the head after punching them. It felt like babies first Splinter Cell and then some, yet there were hard parts, but they just felt cheap with helicopters and other annoyances that can apparently see through walls since you can't hide/get away from them. It was just a total bummer, but it was fun to say the least.

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@xobballox: You can definitely go through every encounter without being noticed though, which is fun to try and do; but yes, it is action-y.

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I think a lot of peoples problem with the game is what they took out of the game, not exactly how Conviction plays on its own. That's OK, but I think Conviction deserves more credit, because even if this is true, the game is still fantastic with noticeable problems that aren't because of what it lacks from previous installments.

@mordukai: @Resident4t: You can stealth all the way through the game, or at least almost the entire game. It's kind of like the Arkham games, whether you care for those games or not, it is like it, and that means you can stealth your way past it all. Sam is able to be "invisible", just as Batman. I think you mean to say it feels stripped and streamlined.

@Jadeskye: Double Agent was the worst of the Splinter Cell games, it's barely even good, it's OK, but no thanks.

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@NTM: That's my point, As a game it was not that bad but as a game baring the SC name, well that's a different issue. The problem was/is that this game just didn't have a single vision guiding it. It went through so many hands that everyone wanted to put in thier touch and somewhere along the way they kinda lost the SC identity.

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I remember being quite fond of Splinter Cell: Conviction, thought it was a pretty fun game. Far from perfect, but... it was still a pretty good Splinter Cell game.

I remember feeling that the controls were rather awkward (PC, default key mapping being weird), but that they worked after a while.

Unfortunately, a large part of my memory of Splinter Cell: Conviction is the multiplayer, and how utterly broken their online service is. A friend and me spent hours trying to connect to one another, even contacting the abysmal Ubisoft support for the game... that was not great.I don't care about the competitive multi-player at all, just give me more awesome co-operative game play.

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I really liked Conviction. Was a fun video game. Would like to play a sequel..

However... I have since sold my 360... So.. Ubisoft, make dat shit multiplat.

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@Mnemoidian: The PC version is supposedly worse. I bought it for five bucks, but it was used and couldn't play it. Try the 360 version if you ever want to try it again, you won't have the same problem I'm sure.

@mordukai: Well, that may be true that it lost the foundation of what the previous Splinter Cells did, but after a while, I just didn't care. I think Conviction is still a high quality game, and that's why I don't care.

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@NTM: Yeah, I know, Ubisoft doesn't have the best track-record for building their own online services. Works much better on Xbox/PS3 where they can rely on established mechanics :P

Still bitter to be unable to play through the co-op with a friend because crap like that.

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I thought it was really well done. My only complaint would be the length of the game.

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It was a great rental and it was fun to run through the co-op stuff with a friend. I thought about actually buying it a few times. Not sure how much my opinion matters though, I'm not that great at stealth in games so that might be why I enjoyed it as much as I did.

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I loved Conviction and all the splinter cells,  the style of gameplay and bigger emphasis on story was great.
A melding of chaos theory and conviction-more gadgets, splinter cell clothing , but deadlier enemies and more alarms would perfect it.

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I have never really been a fan of the series. I really disliked double agent and the little bit of chaos theory I had played didn't do a whole lot for me. The main reason I picked up Conviction was that I liked the demo and its heavier focus on action (and that GR beta). The game was far, far too short. I beat the single player in an afternoon and the story was kinda meh. The motivation for Sam being pissed is thrown out of the window far too soon and the narrow streets leading up to the white house were not very fun at all, stealthing it or shooting your way forwards.

It had its moments. I hated the entrance bit to the office building as I failed it over and over, due to not having any indicator of where to go and it would restart me back at him walking up to the desk, but the escape was pretty cool. The long chase section was pretty good also.

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@mordukai Yes I did buy the game because I played and loved all the preceding splinter cell games ( Double Agent was great, boo to anyone who says otherwise) but I knew exactly what to expect.@NTM
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@NTM dammit no editing on the mobile site, perfect Stealth is possible in all but a few levels. The problem is that even in the levels where it is possible there are more than a few occasions where stealth is incredibly inefficient, you have to employ cheap tactics to achieve it(gaming it as theay call it), or they do as much as possible to draw you away from i.t (placing flares in levels so you can't destroy light sources)
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I really loved conviction. For the first time in a splinter cell game I actually felt like Sam was the bad-ass they had always portrayed him as. Make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoyed the previous Splinter Cell games (minus, perhaps the double agent one), but Sam Fisher always felt like a... coward, and not so much a some kind of elite operative.

So yes, more of Conviction, please.

Pretty, pretty please?

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@GunstarRed: Yeah, it was pretty short. If it was at least twice as long, that's be good enough to me. Ha ha, I remember when my friend was over one time and I said I'd do the Third Echelon part where you walk in after you got off the elevator, it was the first time in that game that I had died constantly. I don't know what was up, but it really bugged me since I had to start over and over and the red haired lady always had to repeat herself. I had no problem with before, or any time after. Maybe he was just bad luck. The chase seen was pretty cool, the only thing I think kind of ruined it was Sam's running animation. That was weird.

#39 Posted by NTM (8331 posts) -

@Kazona: Did you put the periods 'cause you couldn't think of the correct word? 'Cause I don't think Sam ever seemed like a coward. I agree about the bad-ass thing, but in the older games he didn't seem like a coward because he wasn't guns blazing. He always seemed like a skilled assassin, which was cool.

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@NTM: While the story was bleh, it has/had some of the best.most fluid controls I've ever seen. Its also tons of fun.

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As a person who absolutely adores the old Splinter Cell games, I did not enjoy it AT ALL. It seriously felt like someone had broken both the series legs and then given it crutches so that hopefully all the people too slow to appreciate the older games might be able to catch up.

I loved the trial-and-error of SC 1, 2, and 3. I loved the gadgets and the level design and the limited resources. It was challenging but rewarding. I remember countless times where I was looking at two guards, and debating with myself over how to dispatch them. "Maybe I could sneak past... maybe I could try for two quick head shots... maybe I could use a trap camera or a sticky shocker to take out one then go for a quick headshot on the other." It was on-the-fly planning which revolved around your limited gadgetry that made those games fun to me.

In Conviction, If I came across two guards, it was simply, "Oh, yeah, I can just press a button to kill them automatically."

This is really the way to move a series forward; gimp it so that people who don't appreciate it might have a chance.

Step up, Hitman fans. Now it's your turn. I can't get into that series for the life of me, but I know that they are doing their fans wrong with Absolution and I wouldn't want the game to be changed so much for people like me.

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I enjoyed previous Splinter Cell games, and I thought Conviction was the bomb. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the Singleplayer. It looked great and felt great. I absolutely adore cinematic experiences, such as Uncharted. The comment above mentions how he loves Trial & Error. For me that can really take away from the flow of a game. There was enough variation for me in how it played and how rooms could be taken out for me to be happy. I don't want to re-do the same mission 50 times to get a perfect playthrough. If I alerted guards it was great to be able to perform an execution to save my ass. The fact that it's such a good shooter means I didn't want to instantly restart the minute any kind of shooting happened. It looks like the next Splinter Cell game is going in the way of Conviction, which I'm delighted about. Now, the demo shown was very very shootery. Melee kill, execute, Melee kill, execute. It sure as hell looked cool, but I'm sure the way I end up playing it will be a lot more stealthy. Also, no Ironside...but as awesome as gruff Sam is - after replaying some of Conviction I'm sort of okay with it. We shall have to see.

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