Insurgency DLC: anyone try it?

#1 Posted by MayorFeedback (685 posts) -

 So who's tried the Insurgency DLC (the four new Deniable Ops/co-op maps). I bought it earlier and blazed through them just now and I really enjoyed them.  The Salt Lake City map felt a little routine at first, but it improved greatly by the last zone.
I'm going to go back through and try and get some of the achievements (360), though I'm not looking forward to doing the crypt in New Orleans using only hand-to-hand takedowns. That was probably the most difficult section of all the maps, let alone not being able to shoot anyone.  But, yeah, I liked them. Worth my $10; I'll spend a lot of time in here alone and with my co-op partner.  
Anyone else played it? Thoughts?    

#2 Posted by KarmaPolice (29 posts) -

I downloaded it opening day but for some reason it won't let me play. Glad to hear it is good though. I thought the CO-OP in Splinter Cell is fantastic, Do you have to activate it in any way? 

#3 Posted by MayorFeedback (685 posts) -

It just worked, no problem, for me. Just had to scroll down the list of maps and they were there.

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