Is Shadow Armor a timed exclusive?

#1 Posted by Iireku (147 posts) -

Just wondering because it looks pretty sweet.  I hope it eventually gets released through U-play for all of us regular edition players.  I know it is purely cosmetic and doesn't enhance the game play in anyway, but I like it a lot and hope it doesn't stay exclusive.

#2 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1894 posts) -

I've never seen the uPlay Rewards program expanded after launch, but there's a Store option that's currently "coming soon"...

#3 Posted by DystopiaX (5365 posts) -

idk, but I bought most of the available Uplay shit from my leftover ACII points. I find it stupid that I completed all of that, got all teh ACII stuff, and it still gave me some points left over.

#4 Edited by snoopdye (84 posts) -

What? Ubisoft has said that every Thursday they're going to put a new item up for free download. Yesterday it was the mp7a1 smg(or whatever its called). So more than likely the shadow armor and the suppressed shotgun will be coming to.

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