My largest problem with Splinter Cell: Convicition

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In all honesty I really enjoyed playing through this game despite all of its minor issues; however the in game cutscenes make it near impossible for me to ever play through the story again just for fun and to mess around. For example I wanted to play the airfield level, then I realized I would have to sit through the opening scene for a few minutes before I could even start to play, or any other level with interrogations are just a few minutes of me sitting around waiting for it to be over so I can actually play again.

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Too bad they didn't use an "act" system to skip those scenes from the menu (minus loading times).

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I know what you mean, I got annoyed at the same scene the staff did, when you have to enter the facility and it keeps replaying that same walking motion.
However my biggest beef was him ending up with all of the gadgets, I hoping it's be a little more creative like he was with the wing mirror, but alas, over time it turned into a splinter cell game.

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They are trying to disguise the loading times. At least the cutscenes are only a few minutes.

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@HitmanAgent47: Yeah, one good thing i'll say about the game was that the loading times were done really really well. There's be a cutscene, then it'd seamlessly shift to in-game, and bang the level starts.
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I have to say I only played the demo and kinda liked the game play but hated the speed of play in this game.  Just wasn't fast enough in a game like this and yes too many cut scenes my friend said as well.

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@leviathan: except in co-op, where the loading times are fucking atrocious
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@Blood_for_the_blood_God said:
" @leviathan: except in co-op, where the loading times are fucking atrocious "

thats also because of lag lol

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