Sam Fisher is back yo ! ..New teaser trailer.

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#1 Posted by randiolo (1167 posts) -

The first.. anything about Sam Fisher for a long time now and it makes me think, does anyone still care?, has too much time past since the last iteration of splinter cell or has mgs4 been too much a leap forward in the stealth action games? Time will tell.


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#2 Posted by Giantsquirrel (620 posts) -

Cool, been waiting for this.

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If I'm not mistaken that's Michael Ironside's voice. I thought I remember reading that he wasn't gonna be the voice of Sam Fisher anymore.

Must be the economic crisis.

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#4 Posted by iAmJohn (6209 posts) -

So wait, Sam killing Lambert is the official ending?  Lame.

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I could honestly care less. I hated Splinter Cell 4 in every respect for what it did. To me that game too the franchise and flushed it down the shitter. This trailer for the new Splinter Cell doesn't do anything to redeem the franchise in my eyes. They should have ended it with Chaos Theory and just made it a trilogy.

I do like the premise of Conviction though and think Ubi should have pursued it as a new IP rather than placing it in an already dead franchise. You know, cut out the Splinter Cell name, just called it conviction and said it's the spiritual successor to Splinter Cell and been done with it. I think people would have received it better when it was first shown if they had done it that way too.

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#6 Posted by TripMasterMunky (2527 posts) -

I really enjoyed the first Splinter Cell's single player. But didn't care about any of the other ones campaign-wise. But I was HARDCORE into Pandora Tomorrow's multiplayer, and anyone who played it regularly knows that it's still the best multiplayer game of all-time. It was so good. You had to be there. I didn't really get into the sequels' multiplayer though, they changed it too much.

I personally don't have much hope for Conviction. But there's a part of me that hopes they make some amazing multiplayer like in Pandora Tomorrow. But I know that probably won't happen.

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