Sorry if this has been brought up before - Short

#1 Posted by cid798 (293 posts) -

Anyone else think it was short.  Great game, I loved it, I enjoyed the story. But when it ended I was expecting the next level to go off and find Meggido [sic]. At least it has Deniable Ops and multiplayer/coop.  I recently ran through Alan Wake and Singulariaty in a day each, this one only took about 6 hours. 
I think my problem is that I've been recently replaying RE5 while waiting for my gamefly games to come in and, maybe I suck, but I can't play through that in a day. I get this feeling like I wish more games stood up to that standard of quality.

#2 Posted by snoopdye (93 posts) -

Yeah. I think it was kind of short too. The way I look at it is that I'm glad it's short and sweet. Because had they fluffed it out to be another 2 or 4 hours longer I think it would've been unbearably boring by the end unless they did something awesome to shake up or evolve the gameplay a little.

#3 Posted by DrPockets000 (2875 posts) -

It was short, but it never let up on the thrills.  It was one hell of a ride while it lasted.

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