Splinter Cell: Conviction's change

#1 Posted by Redbullet685 (6090 posts) -

I am stoked for Splinter Cell coming out tomorrow, but wanted to know if anybody else would rather have the original Splinter Cell: Conviction concept rather than the final one.
If you have no Idea what Im talking about-----------------------------------

#2 Posted by Dustpan (1694 posts) -

I was excited for the original design for the game when it was first shown. But I like the way they are taking the gameplay in this conception. Both of them are really good.

#3 Edited by AndrewB (7691 posts) -

I'll wait and see how this one turned out before I can make up my mind on that one. I was actually really looking forward to the Assassin's Creed Splinter Cell back when it was first announced, but obviously they didn't think it was a good enough plan to stand against the game that beat them to release.
Come to think of it, they beat them to release twice.

#4 Posted by ButtonsMcBoomBoom (128 posts) -

My guess is that Assassins Creed 3 will be more like the old conviction.

#5 Posted by Jeffk38uk (719 posts) -

As above stated, old Conviction just felt a little like the same concept of Assassins Creed when it was first announced and was pretty divergant on waht past SC games were. Prob why I didn't pay much attention to it till it was remade as it is now. I can see old conviction as AC3 tho blending just as well tho.

#6 Posted by DystopiaX (5361 posts) -

It looked way too action oriented and such for my taste. I like the direction they've taken this one- it moves faster and has more action in it but still is primarily stealth based. 
Also, dude looked way ugly in this trailer.

#7 Posted by Ratcabbage (250 posts) -

Sam's beard in the old version makes it indisputably better.

#8 Posted by Iireku (147 posts) -

I found the original direction they were taking the game in to be unappealing, but after the demo came out and I saw the changes they made, I knew I had to buy it.

#9 Posted by Alexander (1724 posts) -

Original concept was Brian Ekberg on the the run, would have been a great game.

#10 Posted by toast_burner (453 posts) -

The old conviction.

#11 Posted by Stealthmaster86 (682 posts) -
@toast_burner said:
" The old conviction. Stealth>>>>>>>>Action "
You do know that in the old build all Sam had was a gun, right? There was no Light and Shadow, There was no gear, There was nothing. 

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