Steam sale toaday! Quick question!

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Yeah it is about 10EUR. I never played a Splinter Cell game. Do I have to play the previous ones to enjoy it. 
I hated MGS4 (which also was my first MGS - I had no clue what was going on.), but loved the more stealthy stuff in Assassins Creed.

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@Wuddel: I bought it the day it was on sale and am liking it.  Its my first SC game as well and it doesn't seem as convoluted as MGS4's story.  I know this is a late reply but did you buy it?
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It's probably more akin to Ass Creed than it is to MGS4...but it's not really like either.  Did you play Arkham Asylum?  Picture that, but with a less intriguing character and more gunplay as opposed to being strictly melee.  I don't think the story is anything special, overall, but it's enough to keep you going through the game.  It's certainly not a game you are going to play over and over again, but it's a pretty good game for what it is.  BTW, I think you'd almost probably enjoy it more if you haven't played the previous games.

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Get it.  It's worth it.  
It's a stealth game, but not too hard core.  You can be spotted, then hide with no real problems.  I'm still playing it actually on the 360 and I love the tactical aspect of sneaking up on dudes and stabbing them in the face and neck. 

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