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#1 Edited by Bionicicide (1230 posts) -

[+] Pros and [-] Cons in order of most to least relevant.
[+] One of this generation's graphical/animation highlights, especially the bathroom interrogation (except the cutscenes looks like last-gen material). Very optimized engine, bodies don't disappear and neither do bullet decals.
[-] Gray-scale shadow system. There's spots where you don't know where the shadow ends/begins and I'd rather they use heavy shaded corners that would lower opacity as a warning when close to leaving/entering shadow areas and still keep the hues that look amazing in color.

[-] Non-traditional 3rd person shooter control layout; ie: (1) To aim you have to click-in RS and gently move the LS to strafe since the walking speed for aiming is NOT capped and you'll be screwed in shoot-outs.  (2) The crouching uses up the LB when it would make more sense to map it to the LT that controls cover and roll/slide. (3) 'Mark and Execute' uses up 2 buttons: RB to mark and Y to execute.
[+] Best cover system since there's no guess work when transitioning. I also like Sam's roll and slide. 
[-] Inconsistent lip-sync (bathroom interrogation is flawless, but ending cutscene is way off). 
[-] Cliche goons casually talking about the secret plan. 
[+] Flashbang effect on Sam is great. Holding a hostage and throwing him through a door is badass. 
[-] No arc destination for throwing [grenades/cameras].
The gray-scale is the big deal breaker, especially with no Spies v. Mercs multiplayer so I'll most likely watch an online playthrough of the retail game.
#2 Posted by DapperDan (45 posts) -

As someone who can't play the demo because it won't let silver members download it (stupid, almost like they don't want me to buy the game) how bad were the controls compared to past Splinter Cell games? How does that colour thing work? If your hidden it's all black and white? Sounds quite bad if you spend a lot of your time hiding from people.

#3 Posted by solidlife (896 posts) -

Yeah the controls felt like I will have to play it for abit to get use to. 
Also it made me realise How Bad  Lip syncing is in Gaming. It seems Mouth movement is still at the level of PS2 days.

#4 Posted by J0n3s1 (293 posts) -

WTF!? There is no conviction demo on live?

#5 Edited by Bionicicide (1230 posts) -
I'm not a fan of clicking-in the RS to aim (LT for me) and Sam will stop aiming if you run fast, which I get what they're doing, but I'd rather they cap the walking speed when a person is in aim mode instead of making the player gently move the LS around so you don't get screwed in a shoot-out. And reloading by clicking-in LS... I cringe just thinking about it.
I will say the cover-system is top-notch and would be useful to have in other shooters so you know where your transition cover will be next without any doubt.
#6 Posted by dotxhideki (66 posts) -

I was just playing the demo a few minutes ago and yeah, the controls do take some time to get used to. I kept trying to push the left stick in to crouch, but in this game, it's the reload button. It's not really a big deal. But one thing does annoy me: the enemies keep saying the same damn lines over and over again. It really makes me want to kill them faster.

#7 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5711 posts) -
@J0n3s1:   Go here
#8 Posted by J0n3s1 (293 posts) -
@Vito_Raliffe: Thanks man!
#9 Posted by DapperDan (45 posts) -
@Bionicicide:  Wow that does sound quite bad.
I am all for games trying to mix up control schemes but 3rd person games have kinda been perfected in the way to take cover and shooting etc.
#10 Posted by belaraphon (444 posts) -
@dotxhideki said:
" I was just playing the demo a few minutes ago and yeah, the controls do take some time to get used to. I kept trying to push the left stick in to crouch, but in this game, it's the reload button. It's not really a big deal. But one thing does annoy me: the enemies keep saying the same damn lines over and over again. It really makes me want to kill them faster. "
#11 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5711 posts) -
@J0n3s1 said:
" @Vito_Raliffe: Thanks man! "
Yep! Often times stuff will appear on the online Marketplace before it shows up on the 360. 
Anyways, I was wanting the demo to be the co-op . I played about three minutes or so before stopping since I want the experience to be as fresh as possible. Graphically though, it doesn't look as good as I was expecting. The Splinter Cell games on the Xbox were always some of the best looking games of their time. There seemed to be some hitches as well, which I have come to expect from the trailers, but am hoping there is still some time to iron things out in the full retail release.
#12 Posted by Kibblez (754 posts) -

Its awesome.

#13 Edited by J0n3s1 (293 posts) -

Yeah, controls take much time to get used to. I tried to reload by pushing X but no that's where you throw a granade or emp and because of that I throw away my every granade and emp by acciedent.  Lip syncing sucks ass, Voice acting isn't very great but not bad either.
It maybe sounds like a hate this game but i'm still looking forward to full retail version.

#14 Posted by slyspider (1543 posts) -

i am downloading now, but i might not get to play before i fly 2 turkey...

#15 Posted by foggel (2777 posts) -

The lip sync was pretty bad. But everything else was absolutely AWESOME. I don't regret pre ordering it ages ago.

#16 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Oh it's only for Gold members? Bah, I'm getting it anyway so it doesn't matter.

#17 Posted by Peacemaker (1124 posts) -

I enjoyed it.   I kind of rushed a bit because I had to get to work but once I get home I'll take my time and do a little more planning.  

#18 Posted by Atlantus_Air (194 posts) -

I've played it 5 times and I'm still finding new ways to take down the enemy.
#19 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Pretty short demo, but enough to keep me excited for the final game.

#20 Posted by toorima (204 posts) -

The demo was awesome, and I can not wait for the game. Liked the controls, when I got used to them. I thought that the mark and execute mechanic would be lame, but I actually relly enjoyed it.
And for anyone wondering demos on the 360 are limited to gold members only for the first week or so, but then it will be available for everyone.

#21 Posted by Ryax (4580 posts) -

fucking brilliant.

#22 Posted by Meltac (2001 posts) -

Just played it once, and I need to play it again.. Had some problems with the controls.

#23 Posted by ooofafa (204 posts) -

the only problem I had was holding the left trigger for cover. keep thinkin it's to aim

#24 Posted by JoGribbs (41 posts) -

I've played through the demo like 5 times. Before I was kind of nervous that they've changed too much and it wouldn't feel like Splinter Cell any more. Now that I've played it for a bit though, I'm digging it a whole lot. 
Putting in my pre order this weekend : )

#25 Posted by RobotHamster (4236 posts) -

It liked it, obviously the full game will be much better.  Already have my preordered on amazon so I can't wait until april 13!

#26 Edited by Sjupp (1944 posts) -

I had no problems with the controls at all, except once where I accidentally spammed emp-thingies and had to restart. (which set me back like 4 seconds anyways).
I used to play the old games, this one is fucking awesome. I've played it twice now.. WAY TOO SHORT :(((

#27 Posted by Jack268 (3368 posts) -

The controls fell quite natural to me, I failed like 2-3 times with clicking the stick when trying to crouch/stand up. Except for that I didn't have any issues with the control. I kinda sucked at the game itself, I timed everything so extremely wrong and missinterpreted situations so roughly that I was running around with a flashing screen constantly once I got indoors pretty much. 
Still. Collector's Edition just got pre-ordered :D

#28 Posted by Titl (541 posts) -

My high point of the demo is the fact that you can play it like one of the old SC games, but you can also play it like a third-person shooter. i really like the mechanics of the game, and Sam's animations seemed really cool and fluid.

#29 Posted by soundandcolour (86 posts) -

Hella Good

#30 Posted by JoGribbs (41 posts) -

Can I just say that the AI wasn't half bad. I mean, there were times when I'd be in shadows 3 feet from a guy and he wouldn't notice me, but they wouldn't forget that you'd just killed a dude like in the earlier titles.

#31 Posted by Ominym (21 posts) -

Honestly really didn't care for it.  Demo was a deal breaker.

#32 Posted by dudeitsdon (80 posts) -

As a fan of all previous iterations of past Splinter Cell games, I'll just give a quick pros and cons list from my experience playing the demo:

  • Mark and Execute ability is a great addition that makes Splinter Cell much more of an action game
  • That being said, it's also great that they retain the stealth nature of previous SC games (you don't have to shoot everybody to get through a room, Sam dies rather quickly, etc.)
  • Great open-ended environments with multiple approaches, entrances, and strategies
  • Good variety of different tools that add a lot of strategy and fun
  • New interface really streamlines the action and adds a lot of visual flair to the series
  • Finally, a variety of animations to melee enemies rather than an open palm slap to the head!
  • For a game that's been in development for years, the game is not as pretty as I thought it would be (lip syncing is awkward, animations are still carry that weird SC "clunkiness")
  • New shadow mechanic is an interesting way to clear out more of the HUD (no more light meters?!), but can be confusing (sometimes you feel like you're in the shadows but you're not, and it's definitely more difficult to see the environment--particularly where shadow is to keep you in cover)
  • AI is a little janky (I used sounds from a sticky camera to distract some guards--immediately after they just went back to their original trigger and started their whole dialogue all over again, or when a huge explosions go off in one room with guys screaming "OH SHIT!" and then guards in the adjacent room would completely be ignorant of anything going on--even when there were no doors in between rooms)
  • THE KNIFE IS GONE! Think of the interrogations!
Overall, I'd say that I had a very positive experience with the demo. The foundations for the mechanics are really sound, and honestly, the cons are just kinds of nit-picks of problems that have been present in a lot of SC games so SC vets should be used to them (although you could argue that by this point they should have addressed those issues in this series...but that's for another discussion). Based off the demo, I think they did a really great job moving the series forward, providing SC vets and newbies alike with exciting stealth-ACTION gameplay.  Factor in the co-op and I'm sold!
#33 Posted by Mesklinite (854 posts) -

#34 Posted by Garden_Ninja (110 posts) -

I just played it.  It was good but it didn't feel like Splinter Cell, primarily because it plays much quicker, and there didn't seem to be an option for non-lethal take downs, or a way to move bodies. Drastically different controls didn't help, either.  Mark and Execute was cool, and fits well in the series. Someone above mentioned the gadgets which I didn't even realize were in the demo.  Can you mark and execute with a sticky shocker, or air foil round? Brad mentioned on the podcast that it definitely feels like Splinter, and they mentioned the same thing on the Idle Thumbs Podcast, so I'm hoping that either they were trying to showcase the new stuff in the demo, or I just need to play it again.  
Regardless, I enjoyed the demo, and have it pre-ordered from Amazon. Campaign should be fun, and the co-op sounds awesome.  It just remains to be seen whether this is the next Splinter Cell, or just a great game that happens to star Sam Fisher.

#35 Posted by Andorski (5461 posts) -

I thought the demo was okay.  Controls are weird at first, but I think it's because the game's focus on cover-to-cover movement makes you expect the standard third person cover shooter controls.  Once I got use to it, the controls felt logically placed.  Their approach to action-stealth handles well.  After a little bit of practice, I was jumping from cover to cover, using the environment to take down enemies, and using the sticky camera to both monitor and distract the guards.  Still, I didn't get that sensation of pulling off crazy stealth moves.  Behind the back executions and using the "mark and execute" feature didn't make me go "FUCK... that's crazy!"  I played it on normal, so I'm gonna give it another go and play it on realistic to see if there is any difference.

#36 Posted by dudeitsdon (80 posts) -
@Garden_Ninja:  You can mark enemies using the sticky cam, but I haven't seen any airfoil rounds yet. Also, the sticky cams don't release any knock-out gas in this one. Instead, the just BLOW THE EFF UP! It's crazy!
But yeah, most of Sam's attacks are much more aggressive now, which I really think ties in to the story, since he's basically just a pissed off rogue agent with a personal vendetta (remember--he's just found out that his daughter was murdered!). There are non-lethal take downs, however--I believe you just need to have your gun unequipped. There are also unique take downs for both the pistol and the MP5 (I haven't tried using the shotgun), which include lethal and non-lethal versions. 
Although you can mark-and-execute your way through the game, I prefer to get up close and personal: There's nothing like dropping a flashbang while hanging from a pipe and then just dropping down to beat down some fools. With the new Krav Maga combat system I feel like Batman with a gun or Solid Snake (cut-scene-CQC-bad-ass Solid Snake, not gameplay-awkward-controls Solid Snake, haha).
#37 Posted by Garden_Ninja (110 posts) -
 I always preferred to play the ninja. It was always best when no one even knew I was there. On occasions where I did have to take someone out, I preferred non-lethal means when possible (the Sam Fischer I played is a lot less morally ambiguous than the canon makes him).
I just played the demo again, and it definitely felt closer to what I was used to. I just had to take the less obvious path.  First time through, I took the straight shot, through the door, and killed pretty much everyone.  This time, I sneaked through a hole in the fence, went around the back, and climbed a pipe to get into the warehouse.  Then I took another pipe over to the other side, used a sticky camera to guards, so I could sneak into the room with the pipe that leads to the basement.  There, I used the EMP to  shut off the lights, and booked it around the corner, and up the stairs.  I marked the three dudes left in the room below, just in case, but they were busy staring into the hallway (where they thought I was), so I just ran to the end of the room, jumped down, and ran into the pipe. All told, I only took out the 3 guys at the beginning of the level (which I think you
 have to, as part of the tutorial -- not sure though) and the dude on the upper floor in the back of the warehouse. Although, after entering the pipe, Sam turned and executed the guys I had marked without me pressing the button.
#38 Posted by dudeitsdon (80 posts) -
@Garden_Ninja:  I generally played previous SC games the exact way you did. The thing I loved about past SC games was the fact that you could almost always make it through a level without killing anybody, which always tickled my fancy. I think Chris Cooper says it best in The Bourne Identity when he says, "I don't send you to kill. I send you to be invisible." I always thought that the most satisfying way to play the old games would be to show an evil organization how incompetent they were, rather than how vulnerable. 
However, in this game, the animations for the melee take downs are so visceral that it just makes it satisfying to just dominate everybody. I do wish that there were separate buttons to distinguish between lethal and non-lethal take downs that they had in previous games, however. It would've been nice to break some limbs to incapacitate an enemy rather than snap some necks.
#39 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6274 posts) -

It's quick but fun.

#40 Posted by Toxin066 (3385 posts) -

I quite enjoyed it. My main problem is the control layout.

#41 Posted by onimonkii (2531 posts) -

the controls were fine to me, it's the first 360 game i've played in about 3 years and it was really easy to pick up.

#42 Posted by RoboZeek (4 posts) -

 I loved the demo. Imo what splinter cell was always missing was style.  Conviction has tons of it, and it makes you feel like a badass by my third play through 
I cleared the warehouse in about a minute on realistic/hard.  

#43 Posted by project343 (2876 posts) -

I loved it. But then again, I'm a fan of series so.....

#44 Posted by jaklap (117 posts) -

I think it was fun. Different, but fun. Hard to judge when it's such a short demo.

#45 Posted by Jeffk38uk (725 posts) -

I quite enjoyed it. A fair chunk of changes to make Fisher not that weak in a firefight and much more in your face as it were in how he kills. At the same time, the new hidden style works very well and the interrorgation sequence was interestng. Shame the demo was so short. So want to get it....cept the PC version has that annoying DRM last I checked.

#46 Posted by Slax (1008 posts) -

I thought it was great! I have always been interested in getting into Splinter Cell games but I was terrible at the first one.
I really like how there are multiple ways to get through each situation, and how if they spot you, it isn't game over.

#47 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

Controls could be improved.  And the hand-kills required for Mark+Execute don't stack.  Wished they did.

#48 Posted by Baljot187 (106 posts) -

The controls took a bit of getting used to, and I also don't like how if you use your Mark+Execute on one person, it's completely depleted. The demo was also really short - on my second playthrough on Realistic, I clocked in at 6 minutes. As a lot of other people have already said, this is a really old build. I hope to God that they polish up the cutscenes before the game comes out - the cutscene between the main bad guy and his sidekick seriously looked like something out of a PSOne game, it was embarrassing. 

I think the gunplay works a lot better than the rest of the series, and the framerate is so much better than any of the other Splinter Cell games. Just thinking about Double Agent's framerate is making me cringe. Besides my first complaint, the mark+execute is a pretty awesome future, and invaluable in certain situations.   
My favorite part of the demo was probably right at the end, when I snuck around and got above three guys who were looking for me - I marked two of them, and then I death from above'd a guy, which gave me the mark+execute, so I jammed on the Y button. Three guys dead in less than 3 seconds. :D 
I'm gonna record a playthrough of the demo and post it on here!

#49 Posted by Alexander (1760 posts) -

I cancelled my preorder. Didn't feel much like Splinter Cell to me.

#50 Posted by canucks23 (1079 posts) -

I wasn't impressed with it at all. It's just gonna be a rent for me. There's something about the controls that i hated, and i'm just not a stealth fan.

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