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Sam Fisher is back and better than EVER! Execution shots and weapon upgrades really make this game worth buying. The story is awesome and there are more ways to sneak around from place to place. The "last known position" feature in this game is very cool and your enemies continue to shoot where you were even though you may have moved. This leaves time for you to flank them and shoot them in the back. Splinter Cell Conviction has great new features while keeping the gadgets form the previous game. If you are into the Splinter Cell games then this game is a MUST BUY!

Posted by ruffedgz

I would have liked to have read more about your opinion to why the story was good and other things as well. Don't think this is a review but more like another blog post you could have just posted instead of here.

Posted by NumbThumb

It's always cool to see when someone is passionate about a game, but ruff is right. If you're trying to convince people to drop some hard earned money on a game, and you think it's really good, tell us a little about it. How long was it? How does it really differ from the last game? What can we expect from the story, what makes it special in the franchise? How does the sneaking work, what elements of stealth make it so fun? 
Just try to share a more elaborate opinion, build on your ideas of what makes it so great. A blog post is perfect to let people know you love something, but with a Review, you're trying to help other people decide if it's the right game for them, so the more info the better.
Good luck if you plan to review more stuff!

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