oldmanlight's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360) review

Not my favorite Splinter Cell game, but still a good game.

I've played all the previous splinter cell titles.  Even when double agent came out, i played both the original xbox version and the PC/360.  I appreciated more the original xbox version as it felt closer to Chaos Theory which was then and now is still my favorite splinter cell game.  This one plays much more like a shooter.  It's about as deep into stealth in batman arkham asylum, which is to say it's present but not the entire focus of the game.  If you wanted to you could likely shoot your way through most of this game.  Not that i'm complaining,  the "instant fail on detection by enemy" mechanic hasn't aged well and is still present in a couple of sequences i can think of in this game.  Other mechanics common to stealth games have been removed or tweaked to suite a wider audience.    There is no way to hide a body as you could in previous games so if you drop a guy, he'll stay there until the guards find him.   If you're reading this review it's because you're looking for someone's opinion so here's mine.  The story is actually pretty decent.  Mechanics like the PEC challenges give you incentive to get out of your comfort zone and try new tactics as far as play styles.  Also, The game looks and sounds great and the other modes beyond the story mode are actually worth playing provided that you enjoy the actual mechanics of the game.  If you have any questions, message me or comment below.

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