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A Splinter Cell not for fans

Coming into this series with a bad taste of steath in my mouth I was skepical.  I was not a big fan of the older Splinter Cells, and when tasked to play Co-Op with my friends I was the reason we failed.  Reading the previews sold me on the game and I can say that It was money well spent (for the most part).  Not having played the other games I was thrown into the world of Sam Fisher with little investment.  This was changed when the game throws images of your dead daughter on the walls as you bash the cranium of some goon into the urinal stall.  From here on out I wanted blood.  The quest for revenge was made even sweater with Sam's new play style and game mechanics.  I felt like a bad ass sliding from cover to cover executing and taking down enemies with ease.  With praise said the Iraq sequence seemed like a cheap ploy to add depth and emotional connection.  The only emotions i felt was of anger as you are forced through a bad shooting gallery.  All in all this is a good game the Co-Op, only spending a couple of hours in it, is engaging and will probably have me coming back for weeks.   
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