deadman133789's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360) review

from a new comer

I´m new to this series, I played the original Splinter Cell on the gamecube  back in the day, and I never finish it, and I enjoy it, at least what I played. 
now that I played Conviction, I can tell, that it´s faster, but a lot simpler, but that´s not bad think, in fact, I like more this splinter cell, it have the same trail and error kind of gameplay, just a lot smoother, and the storyline caught me till the end, it remind me of Modern Warfare, but, what make this game a truly awesome game, is it multiplayer, bought coop, and deathmatch (sort of), it really took advantage of the gameplay, more than the singleplayer do. 
from a new comer of the series, I highly recommend this game, is action pack, challenging, and the multiplayer will get you busy, the only downsides where some technical issues, but it didn´t drag me from the storyline.


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