russiandrink's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360) review

Full of Win and Epic

I'm about half-way through the single player and so far it's been a very awesome, well paced ride. If you're into the whole action-espionage-thriller genre (think of the Bourne movies or the upcoming Alpha Protocol), then this game is for you. The whole time that you're playing as Sam Fisher, you feel like a bad-ass hunter. Main Conviction gameplay is spread throughout the game in chunks, separated by unique levels.
The reason that I'm only half-way through the game is because the other time I could have devoted to finishing it, I was playing the co-op campaign and deniable ops instead. As a huge fan of single-couch gaming (as opposed to online co-op), I fell in love with the game even before its release — when they announced the split-screen mode for it. Playing through the missions together with a friend sitting next to you, helping each other out with the enemies, coordinating tactics, and dual-executing motherfuckers is one of the most exciting gaming experiences I've had to this day.
Yesterday I played the Hunter mode by myself (although co-op is possible) and the challenge of not being detected at all made me a stronger player while at the same time rewarding me with P.E.C. points that I can use to unlock upgrades for my weapons and gadgets (persistent between single player and multiplayer).
I have never played a single Splinter-Cell game before so it seems that I am Conviction's target audience. I always enjoy Ubisoft Montreal's work (Prince of Persia & Assassin's Creed games) and this game appeals not only to that part of me, but to the Jason Bourne fan who wants to be entrenched in political schemes and machinations, in government conspiracies and dirty gun work. This game is sweet, and I don't mean that "Aw, that's so sweet," I mean that as "Dude, it's totally fucking sweet!"

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