majorbrusselsxi's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360) review

Is conviction another great Clancy game?

The Splinter Cell series has been going on for some time now. It's been rather awkward. There were hits like Chaos Theory and dips like Double Agent. Is the next long-awaited splinter cell good enough to top the list? 
Is this game worth it since I have been waiting for it for so long? We hear you ask, (god damn delays). The answer is yes. Splinter Cell Conviction lives up to it's expectations. Sam Fisher is back and is working with Victor Coste and get back at Third Echelon. You will start the game outside a restaurant when you suddenly get a call from Grim. This is only the beginning.  
So what are the levels like? Overall, very good a lot of variety and fun in most of them. There are a few dull missions like the one where you are being Vic and all your Sam Fishery skills are abandoned. Other than this the game is full of action, for example, in one mission called Lincoln Memorial first you hack into security cameras and listen into some ugly guys conversation. Then you go interrogate someone else and end up chasing a policemen. Although all this is so much fun. Interrogation is a big part of the game, you must interrogate people to get words out of them, there are certain objects in the environment that are just made to have bleeding heads smashed on them. 
Multiplayer: Playing Co-op split-screen with your friend is great fun. The missions are very different to the single player missions and include a lot of stealth. One of you will be playing as Archer and one of you will be playing as Kestrel, although neither one of them is better than the other. This campaign can also be done online.  There are some other modes like Hunter where theres 10 enemies in the map and you have to take them down silently, but if you get seen 10 more will come in and it'll be made a little harder for you. 
Overall, Splinter Cell Conviction isn't a perfect game but near to it. There are a few problems with some single player missions, but other than that this is a very fun, solid game that i recommend you pick up whether your a splinter cell fan or not. 
The Good:  
Action-packed cutscenes 
Co-op Campaign 
The Bad: 
Few dull single-player missions.
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