ki11tank's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360) review

Near perfect mix of stealth, action, story and revenge.

The best sleeper of the year and possibly game of the year for me. Many games I find myself bored before I even finish them and I feel like I need to force myself to complete them. Splinter Cell: Conviction was far from a forced finish. I thoroughly enjoyed playing every mission in this game. It seemed to have a beautiful balance of stealth and action while leaning towards more action, which I prefer. The variety of the levels kept everything fresh and the fantastic graphics made it even better. I loved the fact that I could still complete a mission even if I failed to stealth my way through it by killing everyone. Regarding the killing, I felt the combat was very smooth, guns felt good, and stealth kills were great.

That said it seems like a great game right there. But the story for an action video game was fantastic. I actually watched all the cut scenes with my brow raised. In between this story of revenge with a twist I found myself gitty by the consistent amount of interrogations I was prompted to do, where you can stomp, bash or throw your enemies through windows, into toilets or over balconies.

Overall I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a SP game this much as it's been month's if not a year, this game hit's on all cylinders, even in the multiplayer game play.


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