shadow71's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360) review

One of the stronger releases in the series

Admittedly my level of excitement over the Splinter Cell series has dwindled since the first release that seemed to take on a more realistic style than its main counterpart at the time (Metal Gear Solid), which is why I appreciated it so much. I also miss the original Sam Fisher that was meant as more of an aged/retired character coming back to the CIA for one more mission, and in every sequel he just seems to get younger and younger looking.

  • The coop is great, there are some really fantastic sequences that really do require some good coordinated team work. To me this truly is the pinnacle of the game and reason to buy it if you're teetering. 
  • As mentioned previously I liked the original game(s) more realistic take, but this definitely seems to jump the shark in its own way with a lot of cliche "I'm too old for this" kind of dialogue that feels less like a highly intellectually Clancy novel and more like a bad episode of 24. (Spoiler -- the last level has you assaulting the white house, shouldn't need to say much more)
  • Still to give credit where credit is due, the gameplay is really the best part of this game. I wish there was a bit more straight up sneaking to some parts, but you really start to feel more like a stealth HUNTER in this game that takes down everything in his path, in some ways feeling more like the pace of a Tenchu game.
  • If you're a stealth action fan you can't do much better than this, I actually believe you get better gameplay out of this than even MGS4, I just wish the wrapper (ie: story) didn't feel so cliche and even corny at times.

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