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#1 Posted by huntad (2097 posts) -

I want to get this game on the original Xbox, but I only have a 360. The list of supported games details this game as compatible, but lists some issues: framerate, sound effects, etc.

So, if anyone has this on the original Xbox, can you confirm whether or not this game will be 'playable' on my 360? How bad are these problems?


#2 Posted by EpicSteve (6909 posts) -

It's also on the 360. Says on the wiki. Should be pretty cheap.

#3 Posted by laserbolts (5470 posts) -

@EpicSteve said:

It's also on the 360. Says on the wiki. Should be pretty cheap.

Indeed I have it for 360 and it's fine. Dated but should be able to get it for close to nothing.

#4 Posted by huntad (2097 posts) -

@EpicSteve: Oh, yeah both versions are cheap. The original Xbox version differs greatly from the 360 version though. It has different missions, different co-op, mechanics, UI, etc.

Oh well, I guess I'll just get both versions.

#5 Posted by Kovie (226 posts) -

I've played through the Xbox version on a 360, and don't remember any problems that weren't normally in there (The game shipped with some odd glitches).

I forget who said this on the E3 Live show, but the Xbox version is pretty much just Chaos Theory 2. Which I think is an apt way to describe it.

#6 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

@huntad: Biggest issue is you can't play online because original xbox servers are dead.

#7 Posted by huntad (2097 posts) -

@Kovie: Very cool. Chaos Theory 2 is precisely what I'm looking for. :) Thank you.

@Vinny_Says: True, it is a damn shame that it can't be accessed.

#8 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

Totally different games.

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