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Simple Stealth 0

Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Xbox 360) …Double Crossing Terrorism So here we are with yet another sequel to a popular franchise, and you’d think I’d be getting tired of playing these things again and again but luckily I’ve been treated to good sequels this year to play through and Splinter Cell is no exception. What needs to be said however is that this isn’t the best I’ve experienced from the series nor is it a series that I’m entirely convinced about or enjoy as much as others but nonethel...

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A solid stealth experience 0

Pros:-Impressive visuals-Campaign is good and features player choice and multiple endings-Intense gameplay-AI is good and provides a solid challenge-Multiplayer is fun and easy to pick up-Missions have good varietyCons:-The PS3 version is not as good of a port as it's 360 counterpart-Some choices don't have a very big impact-Story line is a little disappointingSam Fisher has finally arrived on next gen systems, and he's not holding anything back. Double Agent is as cutting edge of a stealth game...

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One of the best on the 360! 0

Splinter Cell Double Agent is as complete a game as you will ever see. I took my time deciding whether to buy it because I have a general dislike for stealth games but it is simply one of the most exhilarating experiences the XBOX 360 has provided to date. Although the game has a very well laid out plot it allows you to be quite non-linear when actually carrying out the various objectives and on occasion gives you the opportunity to have an effect on the ending that you will experience. Admitted...

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Sam Fisher... Solid Snake or John McClain? 0

Tom Clancy has a long running history of being one of the best writers when it comes to war and different sections of the Military. It would seem odd then, that one of the best game franchises ever, used the name Tom Clancy, yet was the only game to have a book written after the game, not the other way around. Splinter cell has had three great games, each one having its own unique feel and level design, it really has immersed you into the game of espionage and stealth. The latest offering from S...

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An unfortunate misstep for the series... 0

Playing Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a frustrating experience, but for all the wrong reasons. Let me elaborate. Splinter Cell: Double Agent is the fourth game in a series where the sole focus is on stealth, silent take downs, sneaking around, hiding from enemies and rappelling from roof tops. In the course of all this you are bound to trip a few alarms, alert a few enemy sentries and generally die a lot. However, the only reason you do die in this game is because you as the player weren’t smar...

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Think you know Splinter Cell? Think again! 0

Boy, the Splinter Cell series has come a long way. It started as a more realistic version of Metal Gear Solid and wasn't even expected to do that well. And in Ubisoft Montreal's fear of the game being a bomb, they kept raising the quality bar until the game ended up being incredibly good. And 4 sequels later, the series is as strong as ever! Unlike the previous installments, Sam Fisher is no longer the "goodie-two-shoes" agent he was in the past titles, because now, he must be loyal to both the ...

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Sam Fisher is back for the next-gen 0

ProsVery nice stealth feel to it. Sometimes will feel as if i'm inside Sam's body actually doing this. Fun online adds to replay value Good graphics and environments ConsUninteresting story Don't like the idea of the trust system, could have implemented some other way to keep you being stealthy. Really nothing screams out "AMAZING!!" from this game to me. Couldn't find anything that made it unique or in some way much better than any other game i've played. Overall has a very average feel to it...

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Sam Fisher is back for the fourth time 0

Ubisoft's fourth entry in the Splinter Cell franchise proves that there's still life in the old guy. The Splinter Cell franchise remains robust and satisfying, but some changes have been made for the worse. As you begin playing you'll notice three options. These are introduced by the voice of a woman, which is a first in the series. Special Features is nothing special (Credits and the E3 Trailer for Rainbow Six Vegas), but the other two, Single Player and Multiplayer, are definitely noteworthy....

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