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One of the best on the 360!

Splinter Cell Double Agent is as complete a game as you will ever see. I took my time deciding whether to buy it because I have a general dislike for stealth games but it is simply one of the most exhilarating experiences the XBOX 360 has provided to date. Although the game has a very well laid out plot it allows you to be quite non-linear when actually carrying out the various objectives and on occasion gives you the opportunity to have an effect on the ending that you will experience. Admittedly these aren't changes that cause you to deviate too far from the plot but if you finish the game with the best possible finish then you are given access to one final (and incredibly short) bonus level. Unlike previous iterations of the Splinter Cell series there are occasions when you go in all guns blazing and use the range of weaponry that the game has to offer to full effect. The game offers rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, grenades and sticky shooters (add-ons for the main rifle) and these offensive are offered alongside a range of gadgets that allow you to complete the missions. It looks beautiful and does a fantastic job of showing off the various settings in the game, which include everything from a war torn setting in the Congo to an Ice based level, which requires you to break through the ice and pull the various enemies under water to their watery grave. The games only really let down is the uninspiring multiplayer, which is very daunting and must be mastered to unlock all the achievement points.

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