chaingangsoldier's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Xbox 360) review

Sam Fisher is back for the next-gen

  • Very nice stealth feel to it. Sometimes will feel as if i'm inside Sam's body actually doing this.
  • Fun online adds to replay value
  • Good graphics and environments

  • Uninteresting story
  • Don't like the idea of the trust system, could have implemented some other way to keep you being stealthy.
  • Really nothing screams out "AMAZING!!" from this game to me. Couldn't find anything that made it unique or in some way much better than any other game i've played. Overall has a very average feel to it.


Good menus, cut scenes, and intros to missions. Nothing outstanding, but good.



Good lighting, detailed environments, nice character models. Overall the graphics are done very well.



Very nice stealth feel to it. Sometimes I feel as if i'm playing a Hollywood movie. Some very intense moments that will keep you on your feet.



Nice voice acting, but pretty much everything else from the environmental sounds to the gunshots, etc are mediocre.



Neat ideas, adds to the fun and replay value of SC: Double Agent. Good and plentiful maps. Really no problems in the online area.


Lasting Appeal

Single player isn't worth playing over to many times. Online play will keep different people interested for different amounts of time.



Not a must-have, but if you have some money to spend or like the stealth genre, Splinter Cell: Double Agent is worth a purchase.



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