This Game Was Awesome When I Played It For The PS2 Version

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At first when I played this game, i had no clue what to do in the beginning of the game. You had to turn to the lights and then you could move... once the lights lit red on and off. i spent countless hours playing this amazing game, i would recommend this game to every one i know for beginners for want to get into Splinter Cell games :)

The controls were confusing at first but i finally mastered them and beat this game 100% Saved on my 8MB memory card for PS2.

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i am glad that u have it saved on your 8MB memory card for PS2.

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#4 Posted by napninjanx (53 posts) -

@KarlPilkington: Yeah I will play video games again but busy with school and online classes.

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@RazielCuts: I had a 64MB card and that thing got really really slow as soon as you filled it half way.

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I really liked how you had to turn the lights and then you could move. Only once the lights lit red on and off, of course.

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All the sudden it feels like I went back in time. But anyway to answer your question Splinter Cell is a great series.

#9 Posted by RazielCuts (2987 posts) -

@mscupcakes: I was semi trolling the guy as this is the second thread he's gone out of his way to mention ' Saved on my 8MB memory card for PS2,' its like he's from the early 00's marketing PS2 memory cards or something.

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This is the best thread ever :)

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splinter cell game on the PS3 were shit compared to the xbox versions.

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