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Tomb Raider Underworld is the first Tomb Raider game I've played in a LONG time. The last one I played was one of the original Playstation titles and I wasn't too good at them at all (too young I guess =P) which probably made me not want to play one again. I recently bought this game in a bundle (this, Fuel and Sega Superstars Tennis) all together for £30 which all went to charity so I was a bit skeptical about it(although I did watch a little game play video and it looked like great fun).

I boot it up and because I'm insane and like to get trophies/achievements, I chose to play the game on the hardest difficulty, despite the fact I haven't played a TR in 12 years.

Story - 3.5/5

So far, I have played through the Prologue and the first level of the game which I feel is enough to do a review.
The Prologue was simple enough. Escape the burning house. It told me what the controls were etc. so I got out nice and easy (Also, I loved how the menu screen synced into the opening part of the game perfectly =D). Then starts the first level. I watch the cutscene, reading the subtitles and then suddenly, I'm on a boat with no clue what I'm doing... I was in the middle of the ocean so I presumed I had to go down which I did and I was able to go on and finish the level.
That's my first problem with this game though. It just seems to do a cutscene talking about random stuff and then suddenly the level starts and you have no clue what you're doing (and I'm not one who likes to look in journals to find out what I'm doing unless I've been told once and forgotten).
So, apparently (I don't know, this my first TR game in along time), Lara's mother was supposedly killed but they found proof that she is still alive and was taken to this place which I can't even remember the name of now and so Laray Croft is off to find out information on how to get there. Sounds a bit wishy-washy for a Tomb Raider game but oh well.

Gameplay - 3/5

The controls are simple and work well to an extent. I  find Lara's jumping a bit awkward and aiming her jumps is a right pain when you're hanging on to ledges because you're not sure which way you're meant to tilt the analog stick. Physical attacks are also hard to pull off on enemies. I'll be right in front of one and try to hit them physically and she jumps in the air and makes no contact whatsoever. This really doesn't help on the hardest difficulty and being attacked by two or more enemies. Guns work well, they come out nice and quick and you can aim at enemies just by holding a button (did the previous TR games do this? I'll feel like a fool if they did). My favourite bit of the game is just pressing O multiple times to make Lara flip like crazy =P

Graphics - 4.5/5

Never highly important to me, but the graphics in this game are brilliant. High quality, people look realistic and her boobs look better than ever... what do you mean I can't talk about those? ... Fine! Her limbs get filthy from all the climbing she does. Better?

Anyway, graphics are great, nearly everything looks realistic and I haven't experienced any slowdown which is a plus with me.

Sound - 4.5/5

Voice Acting - Great! Everyone sounds like how they should and parts of the script aren't said in the wrong tone (so far).
Atmosphere - I normally don't pay attention to the atmosphere of the game. I just want to play the game. So, I'll be honest, I haven't really paid attention to this. All I'm going to say is, the cave sounded... cave like...
Music - The music is brilliant and is used correctly in the game which is what I like to hear.
General Sounds - All good. Guns sound like guns, rocks sound like rocks. It's all good here.

Overall - 3.5/5 (NOT AN AVERAGE)

Overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying the game but it's nothing to rave about. Just a bit of fun if that's all you're looking for and not a masterpiece. If you wanted a masterpiece, most people would probably recommend Uncharted but I've never played those games so I can't give an honest opinion. If you're looking for a good, challenging game for a cheap price, I'd check it out as it should be nice and cheap now.


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