Are they being passive aggressive with the subtitles?

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I'm normally a subtitle kind of guy but the subtitles in this game are the most glaring and obnoxious I've seen in a long time. Do you think there's any chance the devs wanted to say fuck you this game is cinematic and doesn't need subtitles but settled for this?

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Would you mind posting screenshots so we have a clue what you're talking about? Preferably something not very spoiler-y?

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I think that might be reading too much into this. Maybe they heard from play-testers that they had a hard time reading white text and decided to go this route to fix the problem. I don't think they would deliberately be dicks to about the subtitles though because, for the hearing impaired, they have to use subtitles and deciding to make a statement with this aspect of the game doesn't seem like something any company would do.

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I think it's far more likely that they were trying to make the subs easy to read. Subtitles in games can be hard to read sometimes, blending into the background and everything.

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I really doubt that, but they certainly are the worst subtitles I've seen in a game in a while. Don't but a black background behind them, it might make it easier to read, but it just makes it way more invasive. Then they even go as far as coloring the text and stacking them when there's multiple lines at the same time.

I usually put subtitles too, just to be sure I don't miss anything, but I turned them off for that game and understood all of it fine.

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I think the UI just tends to be a little intrusive/bad in Tomb Raider anyway, so it may just be an extension of that. I don't think there's any hidden "Yo Fuck You Guys" subtext to it, though.

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They're a bit big, but I got used to them after awhile. I always play with subtitles on so I've seen a few, definitely not the best subtitles but they're a hell of a lot better than the incredibly small ones seen in something like Dead Rising.

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They're basically like closed captions. I don't see them as subtitles. But yes, they are a bit intrusive and no, there is no malicious intent.

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They're fine.

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No, that's silly. You know the time and effort it takes to put subtitles in a game like this? The people who worked on it weren't saying "f you" to their own work. They just had their own style and stuck to it. They're closer to closed-captioning, but that's probably because they think the subtitles are mainly for the hearing impaired. Are they the best subtitles ever? No, but they're certainly not subtitles to spite subtitles. That doesn't make sense in any way. If they didn't want you to play with subtitles, they wouldn't have put in the work to make them.

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As long as they match up to the dialog. Two things I can't stand: Subtitles that whizz by faster than the actual VA due to poor timing, and subtitles that were clearly written from the script, leading to weird discrepancies either due to improv or rewrites.

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@tenebre said:

They're basically like closed captions. I don't see them as subtitles. But yes, they are a bit intrusive and no, there is no malicious intent.


Well, unlike Tenebre, I actually think they're ugly as sin, especially as games like Mass Effect do subtitles very very well.

Having just played the Citadel DLC, I was reminded how Bioware has the basics down pat - specifcially in this case, white text with a thin black border for subtitles. It can be read on any colour, folks. I even stopped and swung around the camera in a particularly vibrant area to demonstrate to myself how that holds true.

Another huge offender for bad subtitles is XCOM - but for different reasons. Anyway, yeah, no malicious intent. Probably.

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Perhaps they were designed for the deaf?

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I have to play all my games and movies with the subtitles on, and I found them poorly implemented. A nice shadow underneath the text is fine for making subtitles stand out from the image in movies and games, but the huge black box and neon colored text was hideous.

I don't think they did it as a conscious finger to people using them, just simply did a bad job designing them.

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