Better Cinematic Events/Setpieces? Tomb Raider or Uncharted?

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Since the comparisons between the two games are constantly being made, we might as well compare them in the aspect in which they're most comparable...

That being said, i think the Cinematic events and setpieces come a lil too fast and furious in Tomb Raider. I'm up to the part where Lara goes to rescue the pilot and virtually everytime she moves into a new area it's usually at the cost of something blowing up, crashing, burning or her just getting her ass handed to her in one way or another. A lil more discretion and restraint would've gone a long way.

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For me personally, I like this game more than Uncharted. Yeah it has its flaws. But I am enjoying it much more than any of the Uncharted games myself. This may be due the fact that I grew tired of Nathan Drake as a character in the second game. But as for the action events/set pieces, I don't think it has as many over the top ones as any of the Uncharted games. It seems to have less. I am much farther in the game than yourself, and I don't think other than three times I can point out one of these types of scenes.

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Uncharted 2 > Tomb Raider >>>>> Uncharted 3

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