Busted disc on PS3?

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Just got my copy for PS3 and it throws up error code 8001002B. Seems like a general disc error. Other games and movies play just fine. Makes me wonder if there's a bad batch of discs, curious if anybody else heard of it.

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Never heard of it

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Hey, I fell over this thread and joined Giantbomb just to make a comment.

I've been to Gamestop today, got the game. The disc first showed me the same error, and after that it wouldn't even be read.I tried the disc on my PC and Xbox, and before you go like "they can't play them, are you dumb?", just hear me out.None of them would even recognize a disc in the drive, the Xbox kept saying "Open Disc Tray" when it was closed with the disc inside.

NOW, I got a second copy, which does the SAME thing.

My PS3 has only ever had 3 discs it couldnt read, one was a scratched over-used copy of Brink, second was a scratched busted disc of Resistance 2, and lasty the third was a copy of a fresh new Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, which i turned in for a new copy, which has worked flawlessly to this day. In other words, there is NO indication that my console has any disc reading issues as it has read several discs, even after Tomb Raider, where I tried with both movies and games, no issues whatsoever:
This leads me to believe that there has got to be some sort of disc errors out there for the game, atleast when it comes to my console.My console is a Fat 80gb, maybe the older PS3's has software problems reading the Blu-Ray Dual Layer encryption or something?

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