Do you think they should take Lara's pants off in the final game

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#51 Posted by Dawglet (317 posts) -
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#52 Posted by Marz (5957 posts) -

I was totally thinking about something naughty when entering this thread but realized it wasn't pants pants.......

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Was expecting something about why she wasn't wearing her traditional shorts. Got a thread about moans instead.

As others have said, I don't particularly agree with some of the GB crews comments on it amounting to torture porn. The point of the game is Lara's transformation from a pretty normal (albeit adventurous) college girl to bad-ass heroine. By the end of the game she'll have toughened up considerably as a result of her need to survive. In the meantime, when someone breaks several bones and gets all bruised up then impales themselves on a stick, they're probably gonna be grunting and panting a bit. Hell, I wail like a cat when I stub my toe. It seems to definitely be leaning more towards survival horror than standard action game in terms of character death and the consequences of failure. Personally, I love the style and tone the game is going for.

I get the feeling that unfortunately, because it's Lara Croft, a lot of people are trying to make something sexual out of something that isn't inherently sexual. I've gone back and watched the footage again and people are definitely playing up the pants and grunts. I mean, hell, Nathan Drake grunts every time he jumps and no one seems so deeply troubled by it. You'd think no one had watched a match of women's tennis before.

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#54 Posted by niamahai (1409 posts) -


Double standards.

Its ok for dudes to be abused and stab through the tummy(UC2) .

But if its a lady, OMGZ TORTURE PORN!

All I can say is "haters gonna hate!"

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#55 Posted by SHADOWINFINITE (620 posts) -

Lara is getting a reboot which is good. I am pretty sure she doesn't go through the entire game screaming and having blood all over her. In the beginning of the new trailer for Tomb Raider (before the Endurance was shipwrecked) she looked pretty hot. 

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