Do you think we'll see Tomb Raider in GOTY discussions?

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#51 Posted by Slag (4734 posts) -

No, but I think it belongs in the discussion. It definitely isn't game of the year though or one of the 5 better than Brothers probably.

#52 Edited by MonetaryDread (2135 posts) -

I think that in any other year Tomb Raider would be a real contender for GOTY. This year though. There were some great releases this year and I feel that Tomb Raider is going to be stuck in the 'runner up,' category for a lot of journalists.

#53 Edited by StudsMcKewl (75 posts) -

It seems like a solid choice between 7-10 on a top ten list.

#54 Edited by GunstarRed (5401 posts) -

I think it's worth talking about... one of the top 10 games of the year? maybe... kinda... shrug.

#55 Posted by BigJeffrey (5144 posts) -

After finishing it a couple of days ago, nah

#56 Edited by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

I suspect it will come up in GB's GOTY discussions but I don't think it has a shot at any of the top three spots.

#57 Posted by VeggiesBro (144 posts) -

It was a great game, but I don't know that it gets GOTY. I think it ends up somewhere between 5-8 personally.

#58 Posted by DarthOrange (3878 posts) -

Best use of baby fat.

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