GI Article leaked

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This website has scans of the Game Informer article; probably something illegal about that but hey, it's the internet.  
Anyhoo, the concept sounds cool as hell, but then again the article kinda hypes the hell out of the game. I don't read Game Informer, so i dunno if that's par for the course, but I guess it's too early to expect them to have 'real' gameplay coverage. Still,  I think it's fair to say I'm excited about this, even though I don't know anything substantial about it. I'm susceptible to hype like that, I guess. Although I think I might want to avoid most of the coverage on Tomb Raider going forward; if a game is all about exploration and figuring shit out, I want as much of that to be a surprise as possible. So, what say you? Any chance this could be good?

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It seems like Tomb Raider is rebooted almost every entry in the series now. I do like the grimy concept art, though. 

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I am really diggin the look of it.I mean how often do you see chicks in video games getting cut up , beaten, battered and bruised?They are always portrayed as untouchable or even if they take damage it isn't visible.It's pretty cool to see Lara kickin ass and lookin like she been through hell.

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