Heads up $41 dollars on amazon and $75 collectors edition

#1 Posted by Demoskinos (15282 posts) -

Amazon has a Video Games Gold Box today the Deal of the Day is Tomb Raider either version for $41 and you can get FREE shipping. If you're reading this within 4 hours of posting you can also get the 360 collectors edition for $75.


#2 Posted by Demoskinos (15282 posts) -

Wow nobody is getting in on this deal? Figured there would be a few people at least.

#3 Posted by RVonE (4710 posts) -

It's a good deal, but I'm already in on this wonderful game.

#4 Posted by Castiel (2788 posts) -

Already played it. Besides I'm moving on to Bioshock Infinite tomorrow. There is just too many good/great games coming out right now and you gotta keep up, man.

#5 Posted by Hunter5024 (6065 posts) -

Damn. If only this had happened on friday when I get paid.

#6 Edited by Demoskinos (15282 posts) -

@castiel: Yeah, I'm good. Nothing coming out worth my time or money for the foreseeable future.

#7 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

I'm glad I payed less than this when I preordered. It's a good game, it's just ridiculously short and the multiplayer doesn't make up for that. I feel like just when the combat started to really feel fun, and I had all these awesome upgrades the damn game just ends abruptly.

#8 Edited by Demoskinos (15282 posts) -

@mikkaq: Yeah, I got cold feet. I ordered it as soon as it popped up on deal of the day at 3am. Woke up at 9am and canceled it.

#9 Posted by Evelgest (124 posts) -

PC version is currently $35... I'm tempted, but I know when I'll finally have time to play it, it'll be around summer and it'll be even cheaper during the Steam Summer Sale.

#10 Edited by jakob187 (21787 posts) -

Tomb Raider is available for $27.00 (PC download) on Direct2Play. The site is legit. I've bought from them many times before.

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