Is Tomb Raider satisfying for an Uncharted fan?

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Tomb Raider is a lot like Uncharted 1.

You know, before Uncharted actually got good.

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No, no, no, no, those characters that Lara befirends. The slasher movie characters who go off to the sleep away camp. Those guys are just abominations. And then you can do melee kills on them, AND THERE'S FOUNTAINS OF BLOOD FROM MELEE KILL AND THEY FUCKING LIVE? What kind of madness is this game??? And they don't have tressfx, they look at you with those PS2 graphics, oh god, they are monsters.

Uncharted 3's combat just bored me, but still enjoy the climbing and the character interactions. Like the part where Chloe nods on the bus, and there's no dragging in emotions as a jilted ex-lover, but more as a real character. That's wonderful, and it's something we rarely even seen in dynamic of other side characters.

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@jeust: it was more interesting and more fun than Uncharted for me personally. I got to see an evolution of a person as opposed to this goofy guy constantly spitting clever one liners.


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