No Tombs to Be Found In This Debut Tomb Raider Trailer

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Okay, all I could think during the majority of this was: Uncharted clone. I'll admit, though, the conceit is pretty cool.  The end sold me. If it's anything like they seem to be suggesting, ala survive on an island, I'm all for it.  Have a niggling feeling that isn't the case.
It's true but really...Tomb Raider was like Uncharted before Uncharted existed.
Yeah, saying that Uncharted is just ripping off Tomb Raider is like saying Warhammer rips off Warcraft.
But Uncharted was never particularly like Tomb Raider, or vice versa, this seemed to be.  At the start at least. As I said, shit hooked me by the end.
That's just because, for like the first time ever, Tomb Raider looked good. In more ways than one.
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Miss Croft, gorgeous and beautiful as ever.

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Agreed with this. One just has to look at Blizzard's cinematics. Was just about to mention Blizzard, gone are the times of Japanese design being above all else, talent is internationally shared.
Thought I'd fix it a bit.  The Japanese have really been lagging behind this generation, with the obvious exception of PlatinumGames, and it's a sad sight to see the giant go out with a whimper.
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Is this the first Tomb Raider developed by Square?

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Prerendered trailer *yawn* nothing to see here...

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I have really high hopes for this game. Can't wait to see more!

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@Kato: No. We're only a year or two away from "next-gen". They will be, at most, as powerful as a 2011 PC. It will not be CGI quality. The Witcher 2 on maximum is a better example of how next-gen is likely to look.

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Looks promising. The voice reminds me a hell of a lot of the Monumental in Demon's Souls.

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Great. Underwater levels confirmed. :|


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I can't wait to see how many ways you can kill her.

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Color me intrigued. I'll be interested in more of this game. If it's like more Uncharted I'm kind of okay with that. There are way worse games they could be "borrowing" from.

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This looks awesome, I want Tomb Raider to be this! It's totally just Uncharted, but then again, Uncharted is just Tomb Raider :P

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Oh, Lara. She was storing her real personality in those huge breasts all this time.

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I dont know why people bring Uncharted into this. Uncharted is a 3rd person shooter - action game. The emphasis on the shooting in those games is pretty big. This trailer clearly shows that il'll be "do with what you find and survive" kind of vibe.

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@ChristianCastillo said:
Is this the first Tomb Raider developed by Square?
It's not developed by Square, it's developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. Though Square Enix do actually own Crystal Dynamics these days. Crystal Dynamics have done the last three or four Tomb Raider games and SE published Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light last year.
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The Wikipedia page says:
"Sections of the island are restricted to the player until Lara is able to perform specific physical abilities achieved via a 'skill system', or obtained the necessary equipment to advance."
Sounds like Arkham Asylum / Metroidvania style exploration.

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Woah! I've never been interested in the TR games but now, my interest has peaked. Looks awesome.

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Lara is looking mighty fine!

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This games looks great. I've been playing this franchise for years but this is the first time in ages i'm genuinely excited about it.

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This is going to be way awesome than the previous Tomb Raider games, glad she's getting rebooted.

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Love the direction this teaser implies the game is going. Nathan Drake may actually have some competition!?

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Uncharted copied Tomb Raider, not the other way around. It just did it way better. Lara deserves an awesome game.
Kids these days, huh?
No, they are both different takes on the same source: Indiana Jones, which in turn was inspired by Allan Quatermain - who was partially based on Frederick Selous.

Kids these days, huh? :p
Lol, nicely done sir.
You didn't get anything. Shut up and stop quoting. Damn kids.

what u guys said!

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If this game sucks they should just stop making Tomb Raider games period.

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My only complaint is having to wait til 2012. 

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I have never had any interested in tomb raider games.
This trailer (and granted it's basically just a 3 minute teaser with no gameplay), is awesome. The kind of tone they are setting with this trailer is great, and frankly there isn't another game with the kind of mood and setting that this trailer seemed to imply.
Whether the actual game will reflect that at all by the time it get's released remains to be seen.

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Between this trailer and the stuff shown at Microsoft, I am super duper down with this new direction. It has me wanting to play a Tomb Raider game for the first time since the first one.

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I've gotta say that's a really exciting trailer.

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This Trailer is really epic!

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