Open-World Tomb Raider Reboot Details Leaked

#101 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -
Lara Croft : Cameltoe Wars
#102 Posted by Inkerman (1492 posts) -

Lara looks a little like Rhona God that would be awesome.

#103 Posted by Baconator (172 posts) -
@Vigorousjammer said:
" This game sounds like it could be awesome! "
Sounds very interesting indeed.
#104 Posted by Ghostiet (5707 posts) -

That actually sounds really cool.

#105 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5030 posts) -

Sounds promising, but when I saw "Tomb Raider open world" I was thinking of Lara getting stuck on some island and having to find tombs to raid for some purpose, with very vague clues as to where the tombs are. This survival thing sounds less interesting to me, but still cool.

#106 Posted by SpacePenguin (490 posts) -

Hmmm, this sounds pretty interesting, I kinda want to keep an eye on this and see how it turns out.

#107 Posted by Kenshiro28 (73 posts) -

Hopefully, they'll be allowed to, y'know, polish this one up a bit before release.

#108 Posted by Pop (2691 posts) -

Lara Croft reboot? sure, I liked most of the lara croft games even though they all were kind of the same thing, I hope it gets mature rating or 16+ so we can see some decapitations and awesome acrobatic executions(warrior within *cough *cough).

#109 Posted by MisterMouse (3599 posts) -

that sounds pretty cool

#110 Posted by Branthog (5717 posts) -

Nothing will ever get me to give a flying fuck about Tomb Raider. You could develop a game that sprouted tits and sucked you off and I would still ignore it, if you called it "Tomb Raider". It has just completely worn itself away and devalued itself.

#111 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -

Stop it. Just. Stop. It. If they couldn't handle the franchise after the last two reboots and a diffrent play style them it's time to let it die.

#112 Posted by haggis (1674 posts) -

It sounds good. But it doesn't sound like a Tomb Raider game. Might it have been better if they'd gone with a different character rather than dragging an old IP into a sort-of new genre direction? Anyway, I'll have to see more to know if I'm interested.

#113 Posted by Jambones (1726 posts) -
@pyromaster222 said:
" that sounds pretty cool "
Yeah. It's a great style of game, I just hope they can pull it off.
#114 Posted by MisterMouse (3599 posts) -
@Jambones said:
" @pyromaster222 said:
" that sounds pretty cool "
Yeah. It's a great style of game, I just hope they can pull it off. "
Yeah that would be awesome if they can pull it off!
#115 Posted by MormonWarrior (2825 posts) -

What the...? Hoping for an Arkham Asylum-esque experience.

#116 Posted by twillfast (591 posts) -

Please, don't oversex her! Let this be the game.
Make it classy! Pretty please!

#117 Posted by bmarie82 (80 posts) -

sounds kinda rad.  Also I like the new Lara design, kinda gritty and how shall I say realistically proportioned

#118 Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 (578 posts) -

Sounds interesting even though I feel the series had already been rebooted just fine. Hating on Tomb Raider just seems like the cool thing to do regardless of the quality of the games. The last three of which, by the way, were pretty fucking good.

#119 Edited by leebmx (2342 posts) -

The concept sounds really interesting and doesn't seem to be too tar away from what Lara stands for like the Castlevania reboot. Obviously it needs to be handled with care but Lara Croft has always stood for exploration so a persistent  open world to adventure in would fit the character nicely. 

#120 Posted by dvdhaus (371 posts) -
@MormonWarrior said:
" What the...? Hoping for an Arkham Asylum-esque experience. "
that's what I thought reading this.  I think the Metroid style would fit with Lara Croft.
#121 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3803 posts) -

Even though they have been using the concept of 'myth & monsters' made real throughout the series I have always hated when the TR games go too deep into making the 'fantastic fantasy world' too real.   Climbing over tombs, solving large mechanical puzzles, and exploring was always cool, but once they started tossing out monsters by the end game each time I was disappointed.  

The island concept sounds cool, but you can already tell they are setting it in Japan so they can drag ‘stupid’ mythical monsters out of the ‘Japanese Mythology Closest’ it sounds like a recipe for disasters.     

#122 Posted by Linkster7 (1100 posts) -

Anything other than the recipe for the last gazillion games in the series is ok by me.

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