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hi guys, was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing a few frame rate stutters on the ps3 version when in wide open areas with lots of activity going on. Its fine when in enclosed spaces such as caves and buildings. Just abit worried as the game is excellent just don't want to be playing a dodgy copy and will replace if its the game, thanks guys, hope you get back to me

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Yeah, the framerate is kinda messy on the PS3. I found it to be playable, but it was noticeable enough to get in the way sometimes.

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From digital foundry's Tomb Raider face-off article:

Like-for-like clips give us the chance to see how game engine performance ranks across both consoles when rendering the exact same content. The conclusion here is that while PS3 has a small advantage in some areas, it's Xbox 360 that is generally better equipped to deal with more stressful scenes.

Story of this generation.

For what it's worth they go on to recommend PS3 version.

This is a game where much of the experience is built around the spectacle and in that respect, PS3 offers an advantage of its 360 sibling. Aside from various instances where performance is visibly lower, the gameplay is otherwise just as enjoyable on Sony's system, and the sharper visuals better suit the overall feel of the game, highlighting the richness of the environments without as many unwanted side-effects. In that respect the PS3 version gets our recommendation as the preferred choice of the two console releases.

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I remember some frame loss here and there, but it didn't take away from the enjoyment of the game.

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thanks very much guys, you have set my mind at ease, I can get back to enjoying this game now.

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