Steam / PC version lost saves

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Has anyone else lost their save on Tomb Raider PC / Steam version? I got to the 2nd campsite just after the bear trap which is maybe 45 minutes into the game. I quit normally and now my saves are all gone. Anyone else?

#2 Posted by Dagbiker (6978 posts) -

What do you mean by "Quit normally?" Also, Spoilers dude.

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Quit normally = using the quit option in the game menus instead of Alt F4, turning off the computer while game is running, etc.

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yesterday my 59% complete save was listed as 9% right after the patch... it was back to 59% after i restarted. it's really frustrating since i can't find the save locally. anyone know where they're located?

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Yeah, Nixxus gone and fucked that first patch up.

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back that shit up!

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Thank you, MOAB for the save file location!

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