This might be the worst written game I've ever seen

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My roommate and I laughed pretty hard at that Sam interaction. And dialogue aside, the sheer amount of SKULLS everywhere amuses me. Skulls and candles are requisite spooky decorations for tomb raiding, naturally, but there are A LOT of skulls. If you lived on the island, you probably worked as a skull polisher or skull arranger.

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@oktopus: LOL!

@humanity: Well it's not the worst, but it could be much better.

I didn't play AAA games in a long while and I'm just in general disappointed that the games aren't "better" yet. That doesn't mean it's not fun to play. But things like: The action does a good job in conveying a sense of urgency and what is one of the first things you do: you start collecting journal entries... I mean that moment took me completely out of the game. It's just not necessary. If you make collectibles make them fit in the story nicely. I don't want to bash the game but seeing how we spend X million on a triple A production I think we could have achieved a more emotionally mature type of content by now. The story and cohesion aspects of games still trail a long way behind pure gameplay and graphics.

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<p>I completely disagree with you. The writing is pretty great in my opinion. There were a couple of odd moments but overall it was pretty great. Also she hates tombs because tombs are full of dead bodies and dead bodies smell... so it was an appropriate response. Same as when she is swimming in a pool in the shanty town filled with rotting corpses. When she falls in the pool of blood she is in the process of being hunted. Not really an appropriate time to complain about landing in whatever it is that essentially saved you.</p>

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@ectoplasma: I honestly don't know how triple A titles would get much better without sacrificing gameplay in lieu of realism I suppose. I mean that literally, as in I personally don't have a clue in which direction developers should move. Certainly realism is one aspect but I don't want a game where I can break a leg from higher falls and need to go through a lengthy process of healing it - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater had that strange healing mechanic and it was mostly goofy, extracting a foot long steel arrow out of Snakes head and then applying a bandage. Heavy Rain was interesting but not sure if thats necessarily where the future of gaming should go either. For me Tomb Raider does a good job of balancing story exposition with really satisfying gameplay. I normally don't like collectibles and never engage in finding them but here I actually go for them. The system of having them marked on your map and even waypointed is great. Not sure why Patrick was complaining about this on the Bombcast as the one thing I hate is having to hunt for collectibles. The geocaches are superfluous but I pick them up in each area for experience. The journals do a really good job of fleshing out the backstory and the treasures are fun since Lara narrates and gives you the little back info on each one - a lot of them I found genuinely interesting, like the little purses that men wore in feudal Japan because kimonos didn't have pockets.

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Hey, I didn't know Terry Pratchett had a daughter and that she wrote game stories. Cool.


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Come on OP. You're not wrong about what you mentioned but these types of scenes exist all over games. Yeah, games writting is weak. Maybe it's because gameplay always trumps story (and maybe that's good?) but it's getting better. Writing is such a slave to budgets in games and it's so rare for them to put that on an equal footing as anything else in the production.

TB is trying something few games try anyways, so, you know. Chill?

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Its pretty much on par with most good non-rpgs I've played, and better than some rpgs I've played. Not saying its amazing, but video games suffer in the writing department, and it could be a lot worse, you should play that Star Ocean 4 game, (the last hope or something like that?). I feel like that is probably the worst written game I've played, or at least the worst I can think of at the moment. That game had fantastic combat too though, but that's not enough, especially in an rpg for me. TR definitely doesn't spend enough time on the story part of it, but I am enjoying all the story from the collectibles, and they're all voiced too. And yeah as GERALTITUDE said scenes like op described happen in every video game ever, you should check out some of the AC3 sidequests for some truly horrible stuff.

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