Tomb Raider

#1 Posted by cliffordeskimo (16 posts) -

What you all thinking of the new one? Fast game play an character development throughout looks brilliant! But like the live stream said last night do you think the damage she takes is too unrealistic? 

#2 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

She must take a shitload of punishment to develop that rubber skin that's immune to cuts and bruises.

#3 Posted by Elazul (1342 posts) -

I think it looks maybe a little too much like Uncharted, but I'm glad Crystal D 's at least trying to shake the series up a bit.

#4 Posted by Dogma (1003 posts) -

I really REALLy want to play this. I died a little bit on the inside when I heard "Fall 2012".

I am no fan of Tomb Raider at all. it has not been something for me but I am really stoked about the direction they are taking it with this new game. I like the design, the grit, the more sinister tone and I also know based on previews from this year that it will open up. This was my "WANT NOW" game of 2011, to bad it got forced into 2012. Oh well...those that wait for something good, never waits to long (swedish saying).

#5 Posted by Nick (769 posts) -

Looks cool, genuinely excited.

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