Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on PC petition.

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#1 Posted by LinkinMedo (65 posts) -

so they are releasing this on PS4 and Xbox One and no PC even though the PC can benefit the most from this update, so i made this petition so that they bring it to PC.

if you are with me on this one please support it buy signing the petition.

The petition link

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wait, really? what exactly do you think the new edition is adding?

#3 Posted by Justin258 (13714 posts) -

The PC version IS the "definitive edition."

Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh, though.

#4 Posted by MattyFTM (14746 posts) -

The old PC version is probably still graphically superior to the new Xbox One and PS4 versions. If not, it certainly won't be far off.

#5 Posted by LinkinMedo (65 posts) -

they almost build the new game from the ground up there is a lot of new effects and improvements, the old PC game is the same old game with better textures also there is the fact that the new one includes all the DLCs.

#6 Posted by Abendlaender (3047 posts) -

also there is the fact that the new one includes all the DLCs.

Which you can buy on PC as well, and none of it is really worth any money...

#7 Posted by Tblockkiller (104 posts) -

Just play the pc version on higher setting.

#8 Posted by Roland_D11 (196 posts) -

Just play the pc version on higher setting.

This. Set everything to max, enable TressFX and you have the definitive edition on PC. It looks great and runs great. There is no need for an update.

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#10 Posted by groin (869 posts) -

I love the internet.

#11 Posted by Maajin (1159 posts) -

They claim this new version has a new model for Lara, especially apparent in her face and facial animations.

Still not a reason to buy the game again. If it came as a free update, though...

#12 Posted by crithon (3696 posts) -

I could understand with Deus Ex Human Revolution but this? Okay, so yeah, he wants to pay more money for basically slight alterations on the face and slight coloring retweeking. Fine feel free dude, the game is stupid after the radio tower.

#13 Posted by armaan8014 (6018 posts) -

The reactions made me laugh.

#14 Posted by billymagnum (886 posts) -

but daddy I WANT IT NOW!!!!!


#15 Posted by Rafaelfc (2063 posts) -

PC port begging is the worst trend of later years.

#16 Posted by JJWeatherman (14865 posts) -

... so i made this petition ...


Wait, you're serious.

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I love Tuesdays.

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PC Version has and always will be the definitive edition.

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I initially decided to leave this open since there is potentially useful discussion to come from comparing the PC version to the new version, even though the thread technically breaches our spam rules. But it's since come to my attention that the OP spammed this multiple times, so I'm locking it up. Take your petitions elsewhere.


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