Tomb Raider Reboot To Be Revealed In Game Informer

#201 Posted by dragonwarrior (43 posts) -

*never purchased or care for any Tomb Raider.... 
now DAY1

#202 Posted by LlamaLlama (174 posts) -

Saw some scans of the article, and I am hyped for the game now
#203 Posted by Fruitcocoa (483 posts) -

Well the look and the lack of origins was always what didn't sell the Tomb Raider games for me. Still some games were pretty darn good. But once agin - it was the look of Lara that was the problem - this might actually be a freaking masterpiece if she looks like that in motion and the story is more then "athletic James Bond". I don't think that they can mess up the climbing, swinging, hanging all those stuff. 

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