Tomb Raider Sequel Headed to Next-Gen

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#51 Posted by Vinny_Says (5691 posts) -

Now that she's "survived" and proven herself, I hope the sequel focuses more on raiding tombs and solving crazy puzzles while still busssin' heads when people get in the way.

#52 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (947 posts) -

@joeyravn said:

@oraknabo said:

If it has more/bigger tombs, less combat and less reliance on QTEs, I'm interested.

This. So much of this. You know, put more emphasis on raiding tombs than on "surviving".

Surviving is a good idea when it is not synonymous with "shooting dudes in the face".

#53 Edited by Falconer (1681 posts) -

@larrydavis: I keep hearing that her run on Birds of Prey was good, but Batgirl has been so actively terrible that there's not a chance in hell I ever want to take part in anything she writes, past or future. Her legion of tumblr fans certainly doesn't help things either.

#54 Posted by Animasta (14651 posts) -

Fantastic, the reboot was great.

#55 Posted by paulunga (1936 posts) -

Well, of course. This is a blockbuster franchise. How is this news?

#56 Edited by MarkWahlberg (4584 posts) -

@falconer said:

@oraknabo said:

@falconer said:

Gail Simone is involved? Well, this is going to be terrible.

I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not, but I wasn't impressed at all with Rhianna Pratchett's writing, but 90% of Simone's work I've read has been great. Whether you like her work or not, she should bring big improvements over the last game.

Try to read the first arc of New 52 Batgirl without gouging your eyes out. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Well, Suicide Squad was ok in a 'this seems like one of those Joss Whedon shows' kind of way, and she does have a sizeable following, so to have her as a bullet point when they're just going to be giving her editorial mandates about what needs to happen anyway, it's probably a smart move. Especially after the pre-release conversations the last time around.

edit: she's just writing the comic series bridgin the two games anyway. Which might be a trial run for hiring her, but anyway. No need to panic.

#57 Posted by klinkcow (252 posts) -

Great game, it deserves another shot!

#58 Edited by Yummylee (21298 posts) -
@the_nubster said:

@yummylee said:

Cool beans. Hopefully they'll opt to move the reboot series forward with a more tongue-in-cheek approach, or at the very least give it a more light-hearted tone akin to Uncharted. That is if it's still going to be driven by high-octane action anywhoo.

I enjoyed Tomb Raider, though I know that I would have enjoyed it so much more if it didn't take itself so damn seriously.

it needed to lighten up a bit (which would have been foolish, since Uncharted already does that tone and style of action so well), or make the character arcs more fleshed-out and the encounters with enemies less frequent and much, much more meaningful.

I agree, and while I'd prefer the latter route, it's much more likely that they're going to build on from its action-heavy and bombastic beginnings. As such I'd prefer they then add in some personality, instead of toiling over all of this gritty doom and gloom. Or at the very least don't force Lara through a series of hardships in the cutscenes, only to contrast that with stuff like regenerating health and earning ''XP'' for skinning animals.

Though since her origin 'story' is past us, hopefully that means she'll be a lot more comfortable in kicking ass and blasting fools with her dual-pistols in the sequel. More tombs to raid would be nice, too.

#59 Posted by Lingxor (422 posts) -

Will this one be declared a financial failure too when it doesn't sell eleventy million copies?

#60 Edited by cikame (973 posts) -

I don't like that he felt the need to apologize for incoming business models, just hire a better animator and we're golden.

#61 Posted by Nerolus (244 posts) -

Just beat Tomb Raider, this makes me pretty happy.

#62 Posted by Falconer (1681 posts) -

@markwahlberg said:

edit: she's just writing the comic series bridgin the two games anyway. Which might be a trial run for hiring her, but anyway. No need to panic.

Ah, okay, good to know then. Thanks!

#63 Posted by Jazzycola (662 posts) -

@kkotd: The graphics card thing is cross-promotion which most likely gives Square free marketing for products. Similar to the way you see Iron Man on Dr. Pepper cans and Taco Bell commercials.

And having pre-order incentives on their own site doesn't equate to losing money. If they were to give you 10 dollar for a purchase of the next Square game on their site they're essentially making the price equivalent to what they would be selling at retail (or around the price I suspect they'd be making at retail after retail's 10-20% cut).

Saw it everywhere? I never saw a single ad apart from the first E3 trailer and that Conan Clueless Gamer. That's anecdotal, but so is your view of it. It's a case of them needing to find better ways of marketing their product, not necessarily less of it.

#64 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2214 posts) -

Excellent I really enjoyed playing Tomb Raider earlier this year and would like to see a continuation of this TR universe.

#65 Posted by LiquidPrince (15856 posts) -

Yay. Stoked for this!

#66 Edited by ptys (1896 posts) -

Great although a can wait a few years... Mass Effect next please... take your time though Bio-Ware.

#67 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4646 posts) -

What does "next-gen" mean? It will only work with the next cycle of graphics cards or something?

#68 Edited by leebmx (2227 posts) -

Look forward to the next generation of hair-tech.....

@gunslingerpanda Is that a joke I don't get? It means it's for PS4 and XboxOne

#69 Edited by chilipeppersman (1146 posts) -

I loved tomb raider, so im super game for this!

#70 Posted by Dagbiker (6939 posts) -

Hopefully this one will be a prequel to the prequel telling me the story about how she became so skilled at everything, and i mean everything. Hopefully somewhere along the way there might be story, i dont know, we have to see if that part fits in somewhere.

#71 Posted by Killerfridge (301 posts) -

Hopefully now we've gone through the survival phase, we can can get into the 'raiding tombs and shooting wolves in the face' phase.

#72 Posted by JackG100 (404 posts) -

More focus on stealth, less on killing a million dudes. More focus on survival, more focus on tombs... then I am in. Tomb Raider was alright, but imo the "kill every guy in sight"-mechanics of modern gaming is becoming tiresome. I want alternatives, I want tension in my games and just shooting everyone doesn't provide that tension.

#73 Posted by JoeyRavn (4949 posts) -

@joeyravn said:

@oraknabo said:

If it has more/bigger tombs, less combat and less reliance on QTEs, I'm interested.

This. So much of this. You know, put more emphasis on raiding tombs than on "surviving".

Surviving is a good idea when it is not synonymous with "shooting dudes in the face".

Hence the quotation marks, implying irony.

#74 Posted by Bistromath (591 posts) -

Going through Tomb Raider at the moment and my only knocks against it are the QTE's and the locked FoV.

Lotta fun otherwise.

And those DLC skins for Lara are actually kind of worth it, esp. at the Summer Sale price.

#75 Posted by TheHBK (5466 posts) -

Hope TressFX 2.0 is in it.

#76 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (2593 posts) -

Actually I don't think this helps. The last TR games was far too spiritually distant from teh souce than I woudl have liked. I think a bit of time, a new studio, and even a whole new mindset is what is needed. Hey, it okay if you like that game, but I (just talking about me here) think Crystal D will just double down on their poor choicies, and that is not what I want at all.

#77 Edited by Solh0und (1759 posts) -

Liked the reboot alot. Not my GOTY but I really liked it. I'm down for a next-gen sequel. Just remove multiplayer altogether please.

#78 Posted by Stonyman65 (2608 posts) -

Awesome! I really enjoyed Tomb Raider so I'm happy it's getting a sequel.

#79 Posted by Splid (34 posts) -

@yummylee: Well woulnd't it just be a clone at that point? I'm playing through it at the moment and i really like the tone. I think it's a really great setup for the evolution of Lara :)

#80 Posted by JayEH (521 posts) -

Awesome, now hopefully Square Enix won't have their sales expectations like 20 million in the first month

#81 Posted by JeanLuc (3574 posts) -

Glad to hear this. I really enjoyed the game and was worried from all the talk about Square Enix calling it a "failure."

#82 Posted by guiseppe (2838 posts) -

Yay! More tombs, less killin', please!

#83 Posted by Roger778 (955 posts) -

Well, that is fantastic news. Tomb Raider is one of the few games I've played that has come out this year, and it's already my game of the year so far. The story was dark, and great. Lara herself was a surprisingly badass character yet endearing at the same time. And, the graphics were beautiful, too. My only complaint was the Quick-Time Events (Or QTE). They were really frustrating, and tested my resolve to continue playing the game.

But overall, I am so looking forward to a sequel to Tomb Raider. I was on the fence about buying an X-Box One, but I'm on board now.

#84 Posted by Hunter5024 (5555 posts) -

I was hoping with all of the big level executive changes going on at Square that hopefully they would cut back on some of their lamer business practices, one of which is announcing all of their games way too early. Guess not.

#85 Edited by divergence (281 posts) -

this is good news. I purchased Tomb Raider recently and was immediately struck by how much care and attention they put into the game. While I haven't finished the game and in fact find a lot to dislike with the combat, if they can learn from some of the low points of the current game I have no doubt they can make something special on their next one.

More adventuring and less getting blown up or burned up! That simple. Thanks!

#86 Posted by Clonedzero (4095 posts) -

I should really get around to playing the "first" one.

#87 Posted by Norusdog (341 posts) -

@nictel said:

Happy that the ridiculous sales targets set by Square Enix have not stopped a sequel from happening.

This. TR sold well and was an awesome game. Square-Enix just wanted it to sell an unreasonable amount because THEY suck. So I'm really glad their suckage didn't stop them from making a TR sequel.

Love the new LC

#88 Posted by Mike88 (25 posts) -

I hope they make a better sequel. The last game was all Michael bay explosions , constant action ,constant enemies that wouldn't stop pooping up:P. Less enemies would made the game better , pace the break times of the action ,more exploring and discovering. Tomb Raider should have been more like The Last Of Us , that game has a perfect balance when it comes to action and exploring. Constant shooting tires me out , and then I put the game down, that's how I roll.

#89 Edited by Ezekiel (374 posts) -

I hope it's harder. The upgrades and enemy placements made the shootouts too quick and easy. I would prefer if they removed the upgrades for most weapons, to let you pick up any weapon during combat. The arrows need to be more easily noticed and it would be nice if the survival elements weren't as shallow. There should be a bigger incentive for exploration than main menu extras and game completion. Lastly, I hope setpieces are used more sparingly and realistically. They felt overly staged.

#90 Posted by HellknightLeon (454 posts) -

Now I just need to get the first one... well I'm betting this will be on PC... and Steam will throw in the first one as a preorder bonus. So it will work out nice for me... in a year or so.

#92 Edited by Gamer_152 (14058 posts) -

Glad this is getting a sequel, was worried the rebooted franchise was going to get canned after Tomb Raider didn't sell enough.

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#93 Posted by PrezAbeLincoln (36 posts) -


#94 Posted by darkest4 (385 posts) -

Great game, it deserved a sequel.

#95 Posted by Levio (1784 posts) -

I just want a decent Tome Raider game to come out...

#96 Posted by Asmundergunderson (32 posts) -

Kind of surprised to see this after Square's earlier comments. Really pleased though, would have been a bummer to just ditch it all after setting everything up like that.

#97 Posted by Nightfang (376 posts) -

This is great news!

#98 Edited by Plipster (132 posts) -

The reboot is the only Tomb Raider game I actually finished and I really enjoyed it (As opposed to just muttering "fuck it" and never coming back when I got stuck on the olde games) glad it's getting a sequel.

#99 Posted by TangoUp (307 posts) -

Promising start, but I'm hoping for fewer enemies, fewer WW2 links, better environments, more historical architecture and more puzzles and platforming.

#100 Posted by JakeMoore1106 (51 posts) -

I haven't played the first one yet! Is it worth playing?

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