Will Tomb Raider(2011) improve Lara Croft's image?

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A reboot of an old series usually means the protagonist receives a new look, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

 Insert Kitchen Joke.
 Insert Kitchen Joke.

 When I see an old picture of Lara (this isn't necessarily old) 
I see a woman who can handle herself and look nice while doing so.  
See seems experienced and could kick you ass any day.
Lara with.... Pants?
Lara with.... Pants?
  When I see the new Lara I don't think of her as an experienced treasure hunter.
I shouldn't considering this is a prequel for her. 
Still, she looks more real in this game, the previous Lara Croft looked like a fantasy come true for teenagers and pervs. 
Now she actually looks like a real protagonist who can be taken serious and is believable. 
So Giant Bomb, do you think the new Lara Croft improves the old Lara Croft?
edit: Forgot to put this into "Tomb Raider", if a mod would be so kind as to help an idiot out
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Her breasts are a little smaller.

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I hope they make this new Tomb Raider game unlike anything they have ever made before. Thats a step in the right direction, except that they will probably try to make tomb raider like uncharted and that has a chance of being pretty bad since there are 2 unreleased Uncharted games in the pipeline and it would have to get out of the way of both of them if they want to sell PS3 units.

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I never really liked Tomb Raider, but the trailer looked interesting.

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I think it'll give the series the boot in the ass it needs to compete in todays market with games like Uncharted. I love the Tomb Raider series dearly and it's awesome to see CrystalD take it in a new direction with the survival elements in a much darker story. Pretty happy they're aiming for a solid M rating. Trailer was brilliant, love the new voice actress.

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where do we put down Brad-Bucks to bet whether her pants get ripped apart in the game?
Fall 2012 is sooooooooooo far away.

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@Zidd: From the GameInformer preview it's suppose to be completely different. Considering she isn't an expert and is stranded on an island.
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You got any more incredibly-small thumbnails?

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I still like classic Lara Croft a lot, but I'm ready for a change.  This looks like a younger Lara anyway, so it might be more appropriate for a little more modesty.  It probably fits the survivor storyline better, too.  On the surface of it right now, I am interested in seeing more of the new look.  That's going to have to be in game play format, though.   
The "E-cup/Hot pants Lara Croft" skin can be a DLC option later. ;-)

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The game's coming out in 2012. On topic though I think it will, its nice to see them do the strong independent woman thing without also having to resort to mahoosive breasts to keep people interested.

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You know what would be great? What if they gave Lara Croft breast cancer?
Think of how thrilling it would be to navigate ancient tombs and cursed crypts while also struggling with her debilitating disease.

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What I am hoping for is a character that is obviously afraid and lost, but dealing with it. Not super maniacally tough, nor completely manic yet doing it all no problem...they may have a believable and strong female lead here...I get the feeling this will not be a "I'm tough like a man" scenario, just a strong person surviving more than what any of us poor schlubs could hope to...hopefully they don't Other M her is all I'm saying :p

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@Meowshi: Sorry couldn't find anything larger for her..... Let me rephrase that. I'm a noob at thumbnails.
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Now she actually looks like a real protagonist who can be taken serious and is believable. 

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No Caption Provided
This Lara seems a lot more interesting, mainly because she's not immune to cuts and bruises. Takes one badass mofo to keep going after a paper cut! 
And now she at least looks like a protagonist that could (COULD) stand next to Drake in a cross over game. 
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From watching the trailer it looks like they're going for a much more darker and serious story that games similar to it like Uncharted. But I find this new Lara Croft much more interesting, if the story continues on this track this might be the first Lara Croft game I will be excited for.

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