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Where did Tommy Tallarico go to college?  I've been looking around for an article I'm doing and can't find it.  Thanks.

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He didn't.  When he turned 21, he took a car and went to Orange County, CA.  There he lived under a dock on a beach.  He got a job at a Guitar Center nearby, was found by an employee of Virgin Games, and the rest was history.  I did a large research paper on him a year or two ago :)

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Wow, it only took ten months for somebody to come up with an answer.

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The poster has since joined the army to afford tuition to go the Ivy League school he *thought* Tommy went too but was killed in Vietnam while attempting to rescue orphans from a Vient-Cong controlled village. By himself. Using only CQC.

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heh. i just joined. If I had joined earlier i woulda been able to answer.  Alas I was too late.

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Someone contact Ross.  Dude's been waiting for soo long. 
Surprisingly he's still semi-active.  Cool.

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@Ross:  Hey! How'd your article go!?

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