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Tomo plays for an all-girl band that is mostly active in Osaka. Her father owns the live house that she regularly performs at. When the Second Literature Club band visited Osaka, the booking manager was ill. Tomo volunteered as the booking manager while he was away.

Tomo revealed that she dislikes playing on the streets. She also seem to have good connections within the indie music scene.

Kira Kira

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

After Kirari declined playing for the live house that they were offered, Shikanosuke found a spot at the live house that Tomo is at. The band auditioned for her and she accepted them. She also explained that they needed to sell 30 pre-sale tickets and that they will be playing first.

Before sending the band away, Tomo took Shikanosuke aside and asked him about his cross-dressing. She assumed that the girls bullied him into doing it. Shikanosuke explained the situation and Tomo expressed her interest in him. They exchanged phone numbers.

That weekend, Kirari couldn't sing. The crowd jeered at her and Sarina escorted her off the stage. Shikanosuke threw his clothes and guitar pick at the crowd before leaving the stage. Several days after the failed performance, the band returned to play on the streets again to make money. Tomo found them and invited them to play again. The band managed to play successfully the following weekend.

The next morning, Shikanosuke returned to the live house to look for the guitar pick that he threw away earlier. Tomo offered to help search but to no avail. Tomo then attempted to seduce Shikanosuke. Regardless of the player's choice, she revealed that she has a boyfriend. Tomo then directs the band to one of 3 destinations on either Kirari, Chie, or Sarina's path.

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