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Imakuni? is an eclectic guy, having his hand in many things throughout the Pokémon franchise. Every time a new iteration of Pokémon would come out, he would "evolve"; with Gold and Silver, he became Imakuni? NEO and with Ruby and Sapphire he evolved to Shiny Imakuni? Sadly some time after these games were released, he drifted from the public eye, his actions only behind the scenes now.

Imakuni? would wander around Japan in one of his costumes. If you recognized him but didn't greet him a specific way, he would act offended and refuse to speak to you until you did so. Imakuni? also would battle in tournaments or at league games for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, using an intentionally bizarre and terribly constructed deck, which always featured a card with his photo, which would Confuse his own Pokémon (thus putting him at a disadvantage). Upon defeat, Imakuni? would surrender his Gym Badge, which he stored in the crotch of his costume.

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