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#1 Posted by DannyHibiki (263 posts) -

Figured I'd make a thread for people to give duders unused demo codes, so post 'em in here or PM 'em if you like. If I had any I'd post them!

To retrieve your demo codes, navigate these menus in the 3DS:

eShop -> Settings / Other -> Account Activity -> View Receipt

I know would really appreciate one being PM'ed to me. Hint, hint. ;D

#2 Edited by SethPhotopoulos (5773 posts) -

I'd like a code

#3 Posted by SM5240 (159 posts) -

PM'd you both with demo codes. I don't know the specifics of what's in the demo, but I hope you enjoy.

#4 Posted by DannyHibiki (263 posts) -

Thanks to @sm5240 for the demo code!!! You're awesome!

#5 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (4806 posts) -

Didn't even know it came with demo codes but if anyones interested I have two codes as well. PM me if you're interested in one.

Edit: Sent out the two demo codes I had.

#6 Posted by kingrainbowfish (7 posts) -

I'd also like a code.

#7 Posted by Voxus (370 posts) -

Hey I'd also like a code! Just saw UPF and game looked bizarre.

#8 Posted by thellama042 (116 posts) -

I wouldn't mind a code. I'm interested, but I'm not sure if I'm interested enough to buy yet.

#9 Posted by SGMKururu (2 posts) -

I'm also looking for a demo code please PM me the code if you have it.

#10 Posted by SteamRickroller (318 posts) -

I'm not sure if the promotion applies to Europe, but if it does, and anyone here is willing to give me a PAL demo code, I will be eternally indebted to them

#11 Edited by TruthTellah (9638 posts) -

Demo codes? Like, to try out Tomodachi Life??

I'd take one! :D

#12 Edited by Corevi (6794 posts) -

I'd also like one

#13 Posted by DrBeardface (281 posts) -

I'd also like to take a look at whatever the hell this "game" is. What promotion were the codes from?

#14 Posted by Corevi (6794 posts) -

@drbeardface: I'm guessing you got 2 if you bought it on the eShop.

#15 Posted by DavidS (8 posts) -

I'd like a code too if possible. In EU if it matters code wise :)

#16 Posted by oldenglishC (1105 posts) -

Here's a couple of codes for North America:

A04P 4PKH 1W0J QK27


#17 Posted by Romsus (10 posts) -

@oldenglishc: Thanks for posting these, I got the first code. It's certainly interesting, I can see it being one of those games you fire up every so often when you're looking for some weirdness. I don't know if the full version is worth 40 bucks, though it's hard to tell because the demo is pretty limited.

#18 Edited by DannyHibiki (263 posts) -

@kingrainbowfish , @voxus

Sent demo codes to both of ya'll.

Ended up buying the game last night after having fun with the demo.

It's like a tamagotchi version of MASH, you know, that stupid game from junior high. I love it. :D

#19 Posted by Genfuyung (279 posts) -

Any more codes out there?

#20 Edited by beanisagreekgod (3 posts) -

I've got a couple of demo codes still. PM me if interested.

Edit: All of my codes have been sent out.

#22 Posted by Soap (3746 posts) -

I'd be interested in trying out a demo code if anyone has one going spare!

#23 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5773 posts) -

I have a couple of demo codes if anyone wants one.

#24 Posted by tomsterley (4 posts) -
#25 Edited by tomsterley (4 posts) -

If anyone has a unused code plz pm it to me! :D

EDIT: I already have a code from @sethphotopoulos! Thanks dude!

#26 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5773 posts) -

Got one more code

#27 Posted by FileNotF0und (2 posts) -

pm me please :)

#28 Posted by XenoNick (1517 posts) -

Would like a code if there are any going =] (In the UK if region stuff matters)

#29 Posted by tomsterley (4 posts) -
#30 Posted by OptimalPower (122 posts) -

I'm very much on the fence with this game, and would like to try it out if possible. If any more friendly duders have a spare, that would be perfect!

#31 Edited by Slashser (2 posts) -

i can't decide wether or not buy this game, if a kind soul would want to send me a demo code, i could finally decide...

#32 Posted by FoxMulder (1764 posts) -

Here's the codes I have.



#34 Posted by OptimalPower (122 posts) -

I thought there was supposed to be an eshop demo after release but now I'm not so sure.

#35 Posted by DannyHibiki (263 posts) -

The demo has FINALLY been released as a free download on the US eshop. Get to downloadin'

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can i have an download code pls?

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