Itagaki working on new Xbox 360 game!

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Nice, hopefully it will be good

They seem very optimistic, which is good considering the whole debacle that went on
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Not a surprise, I didn't expect him just to do nothing after he left Team Ninja.

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Excellent news! Just read the interview, and it seems to be true that Itagaki took part of Team Ninja with him. Shame that nothing will be revealed at E3, but I'm glad to hear of this new team, and that he is still in game development! As much as I'd like to see another fighter from Itagaki, it just wouldn't be the same without the Dead or Alive cast. Hopefully TGS will reveal more.

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I wonder what type of game it is. He says it's not a fightingn game and that they want to do something new, so I'm guessing it wouldn't be an action game as well. I'd love to see how an RPG would come out from this guy.

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He's talking as if the game will be doing something new and I hope that's legit.  I really like the guys previous work but I could give a crap if its a retread of the Dead or Alive series or Ninja Gaiden with new characters.   Also, if his studio is really named Tokyo Vikings that's just badass.

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As a fan of the DOA series, I am glad to see him return to game development, however, I'd like to see some changes in the art style normally associated with (former) Team Ninja.  Since almost everyone from the old team is in his new company, I doubt we'll see much different than what we've seen before from them, artistically speaking.  I'm not referring to the massive cleavage, either.  I don't have a problem with that aspect.  But the smoothness, almost plastic-like appearance of most things in Team Ninja games looks dated by modern standards.  I'm interested to see what this non-fighter game looks like. 

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I know I'm probably in the minority, but I actually prefer the art style from the Dead or Alive games; it gave them a distinct aesthetic, most games going toward the realistic and DoA sticking more toward anime. However, the interview stated that while the original art director is still around, the new Itagaki team also has brought in other people such as the art director from Virtua Fighter 5. It sounds like a good crew has been put together and I look forward to hearing more.

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Yay!  That's great.
Granted, I'm on the outside, but especially towards the end of development of NG2 it seemed like Tecmo was essentially being an asshole to the workers.

While I loved how NG2 turned out, I do acknowledge that there wasn't some polish in some departments---- graphics look good in some areas, bad in others, it locks up at one of the cutscenes towards the end, etc.  Nothign serious and the most latter was fixed, but overall I feel like Team Ninja would be better off working seperate from Tecmo.  Judging by what this article says, that is Team Ninja, not the team making Sigma 2.


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I'm totally non-plussed.

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Can't take credit for this, found it on neogaf, but I had to post it:

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