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In Battle

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When a battle with a Tonberry begins, the Tonberry may speak to the player's team. This communication can be pitiful, seemingly intelligent, or in foreign, presumably Tonberry-specific language. As the Tonberry is attacked, it will slowly walk towards the party. Once it gets close enough, the Tonberry will unleash incredibly powerful attacks that can usually KO one or all members in an instant. The Tonberry's trademark spell (called "Karma" or "Everyone's Grudge," depending on the game) deals damage equal to the number of enemies slain by the targets. If a Tonberry is defeated, players can be rewarded with immense amounts of gil and experience, or they can be given just about nothing.


There are several types of Tonberry that make the basic Tonberry look weak. Master Tonberries and Don Tonberries in Final Fantasy X cast "Voodoo" whenver an aeon is summoned, instantly killing that aeon. King Tonberries are physically larger than average Tonberries, and have more powerful attacks than their smaller kin. Mega Tonberries, currently the largest of the Tonberries, were introduced in Final Fantasy X-2. Mega Tonberries are one of the only enemies visible outside of random encounters, much like any of the weapons in Final Fantasy 7.

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