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Tongue of the Fatman is a side-scrolling fighting game originally for the PC, published by Activision in 1989. The game was also released as: "Slaughter Sport" on the Sega Genesis in the US; "Fatman" on the Sega Genesis in Japan; and "Mondu's Fight Palace" on the Commodore 64.

Players take the role of one of many fighters who are attempting to make it through the titular "Fatman", also known as Mondo's Fight Palace.

In addition to unlocking more fighters as the game progresses, you are also able to place wagers on yourself, which can increase your fight purse. That money can be used to purchase weapons and upgrades, which are essential as the game's level ramps up. Starting with three fighters, each fighter you beat would unlock that particular fighter for play. This included the "Fatman" himself.

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