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Innovative Controls Aren't Everything 0

Robomodo was selected to develop this addition to the Tony Hawk's Franchise for the Xbox 360 and PS3.   It's very strange not seeing the Neversoft name attached to a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game. After the release of Proving Ground, Activision took a year off to revamp the series. Robomodo tries to take advantage of the big motion control craze by creating a motion controller for Tony Hawk: Ride. The controller looks like a skateboard and is surprisingly sturdy. However, the motion controls are p...

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My critique of greenlazer's review 0

      This review is totally BAD !!!* Kidding aside, here is my review of greenlazer's review of Tony Hawk: RIDE.** First off, the easiest part of his review to criticize is the lack of structure. Sure, many people on the internet write articles, blogs and reviews without giving it the basic structure it deserves, but that does not make it right. Everyone has, or has had - trouble with grammar. But to make one, giant paragraph is just unacceptable.        Anyone can be a "Grammar Nazi," so I sha...

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Quite simply it dosen`t work 0

 The tony hawk franchise use to be the number one skateboarding franchise of all time but since EA`s skate series came along it seems like every entry in the tony hawk franchise is a step backward. It seems like time has caught up with tony because tony hawk ride is awful and in turn is a step backward for the franchise.   OOOOOH AHHHHHHHH  The main attraction to tony hawk ride is the skate board controller. This is how the game is played and you can`t use anything else. The controller consists...

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This Game is Fun as Hell 0

This game is totally RAD  ! ! !  I really cannot say enough good things about this game my friends and I a total blast playing this game. In fairness my friends and I have only completed the game on causal mode but that gave us a run for our money.  I have only played the single player game but the way it is set up it allows multiple people to take turns and compete because after each challenge is completed and you place you enter your name much like arcade games.  My friends and I became very c...

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