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This game is really good. i think it might revolutionize skateboarding, and skateboarding games.

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@Jbumpkins: Cool
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I believe you with all my heart.
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I believe you with all my heart.
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All right.

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it's EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!
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I would have believed you if there were more exclamation marks in the title.

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Ok I shall go buy this right away.

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No. Please leave. 

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Weird, I thought somehow I may have mistakenly wandered onto the GameFaqs forums. But nope, I'm still on GiantBomb. We don't do this kind of thing here.

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This message brought to you by Activision. 

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Hello Tony Hawk. Your last half-dozen games sucked.
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I might have believed you thought that, had you posted this a month ago. But you clearly watched the Quick Look, and then decided to post this. So I don't believe you one bit.

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I didn't know Bobby Kotick had a Giant Bomb account.

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